Merry Christmas to All – Some Posts You can’t Miss

I have quite a lot of articles and ideas for articles lined up, however, today I just want to wish you all a very merry Christmas.

Thank you for being a reader of Fire The Boss. Thanks for your constructive criticism, and thank you in advance for all the good times we’re going to have in 2019!

2019 will be a good year. Maybe the stock market will crash. Maybe all hell will break loose. But as long as we keep on the path of spending less than we earn and continue to increase the value we bring to our employers and clients, we’re in for a good year.

On Thursday there will be a regular post again, just like always!

Enjoy the your days off!

Below are some articles you can’t afford not to read:

Cheers and merry Christmas!


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B at Fire The Boss

B at Fire The Boss is a young (mid-20s) business consultant from The Netherlands, looking to become financially independent so he can fire his boss. B started his blog in Dutch, at but wants to expand internationally and share and exchange useful, cool ideas with fellow Europeans looking for financial independence.

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