FIRE, Freelancing, Fitness

Having my finances in shape is important to me. Recently, I started a freelancing business. Is fitness suffering from that?

Fire the Belly 010

Welcome to update number 10, of Fire the Belly. Last week I forgot the update as I was helping friends

Fire the Belly 009

Welcome to update number 9, of Fire the Belly. As you know by now, this little joke on Twitter got out of hand and before you know I’m blogging about my sport and nutrition in the past week. And this week was good one!

Fire the Belly 007

The seventh Fire the Belly is here, we’re closing in on two months! I was a good boy this week

Fire the Belly 006

The sixth Fire the Belly already! I did workout a lot this week. However, I also had too many parties and social events. My food intake was not to the standard!