How To Mentally Survive a Stock Crash

I’ve written a few articles on investing in stocks. Also, I’ve written about my investment strategy. Today, I want to look at how you can survive the mental troubles when your investments crash.

Stocks are Crashing, Should I Sell?

Should I sell my stocks? You might be wondering this now with stock prices plummeting around the globe in response to the Corona (COVID19) virus. I’d say no, don’t start panic selling your investments.

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Index Funds Investing – 5 Reasons for the Retail Investor

Warren Buffet, one of the most successful investors in the world, wrote in his 2016 letter to his company’s shareholders a recommendation to both large and small investors to invest in low-cost index funds. It’s funny that Buffet, who can be considered an active fund manager, recommends using passively managed index funds. By why?

VWRL – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About This ETF

I’m a big fan of index investing in general, and the VWRL fund in particular. Currently, I’m not looking to maximize my dividend income. Rather, I focus on getting an optimized total return. And that is exactly what VWRL offers: it tracks the world economy by investing in about 3,500 different companies around the globe.