Grupeer Review – Peer To Peer Investment Platform

UPDATE 8 APRIL 2020: it seems that Grupeer might be a scam. I strongly advise against putting in any new money into this platform. More information can be found here. There is are preparations for a lawsuit. You can participate here.

I’ve never been a big fan of peer to peer lending as an investment tool, until I discovered platforms like Grupeer and Mintos. In the past, I’ve tried a little bit of crowdlending on Dutch platforms but I don’t like the low returns, with the only potential being downwards. Then on top of that, the loans are very illiquid, meaning I can’t access my money for several years.

trading bitcoin

How I’m Trading Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies For Profit

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are very volatile. Their prices in euros or dollars fluctuate a lot, sometimes with multiple digits per day. Trading bitcoin can, therefore, be very risky. In this article, I will explain how I trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a fun side project.

safe withdrawal rate trinity study

Safe Withdrawal Rate – Is the 4% Rule Trinity Study Still Valid?

Safe withdrawal rates have always been a discussion point for early retirees. You want to know how much of your portfolio you can withdraw without risking to run out of money. The Trinity study has tried to calculate a safe withdrawal rate based on US stock and bond performance. Is it still valid? Soon, my second interview with Financial Independence Europe Podcast will be released (edit: it is released), where Alvar and I speak about this topic, but I wanted to give you guys an article already! Let’s do this!

asset allocation european investors

Asset Allocation for European Investors

On this blog I’ve written a lot about investing in Europe, and how some things are different than in the US. Regulations and taxes, for example, are different over here. What I haven’t written about a lot is the asset allocation for European investors.