Market Timing is Pointless – As Told By Bob

market timing

As the equity markets are in solid correction territory (more than 10% decline from recent peak) and probably on it’s way to being a bear market (20% decline), people are wondering whether they should invest right now. The answer is yes. You should invest right now. Marketing timing is pointless, as shown by the story … Read moreMarket Timing is Pointless – As Told By Bob

Retirement Investment Optimisation – My New Portfolio

retirement investments

A while ago I posted about the Dutch retirement system, and how you can save money for retirement in three different pillars. This is an article about optimising my pillar two savings, the employer’s retirement account. Default Retirement Funds My employer and I put money into a pre-tax retirement account. The retirement company then invests … Read moreRetirement Investment Optimisation – My New Portfolio

Why I Won’t Be Paying My Student Loans In 2019

student loans

I carry a small student loan, that I took out in the last year and a half when I went through university. I didn’t need the money to pay for tuition (it was 2,000 EUR per year), nor did I need it to pay for bills – I lived with my parents at that time.

Then why did I take out student loans? They are evil right?

My Student Loans

Well, not always. Here in The Netherlands student loans are 99% of the time borrowed from the government, at some very favourable terms. When I took them, they had to be paid in 15 years, with a 5 year fixed interest term. Nowadays, student loans can be paid back over as long as 35 years.

I have the money invested right now, earning more money for me. The amount I borrowed is not significant.

My loan is slightly under 7,000 euros. I can pay it back tomorrow if I wanted to. That’s not the problem. The reason I’m not paying is that my interest rate is super low. As in pathetically low.

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