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Why I Won’t Be Paying My Student Loans In 2019

I carry a small student loan, that I took out in the last year and a half when I went through university. I didn’t need the money to pay for tuition (it was 2,000 EUR per year), nor did I need it to pay for bills – I lived with my parents at that time.

Then why did I take out student loans? They are evil right?

My Student Loans

Well, not always. Here in The Netherlands student loans are 99% of the time borrowed from the government, at some very favourable terms. When I took them, they had to be paid in 15 years, with a 5 year fixed interest term. Nowadays, student loans can be paid back over as long as 35 years.

I have the money invested right now, earning more money for me. The amount I borrowed is not significant.

My loan is slightly under 7,000 euros. I can pay it back tomorrow if I wanted to. That’s not the problem. The reason I’m not paying is that my interest rate is super low. As in pathetically low.