going public

Going Public Really Helps You Stand Out!

Going public is a sure way to get more attention to you, whether it’s personally or professionally. I see this since I’m blogging and podcasting, and recently also after I gave a speech to a user group related to my work.

You Are Not Special, But You Can Live Like You Are

You are not special. Neither am I! There it is! You’re probably not born from a billionaire’s family. Neither am I. Your IQ is not 200 points, and you’re probably not an extremely talented athlete. So, you’re nothing special. Still, you can live a very special life.

relationship with money

Our Relationship With Money is Pretty Shitty and Should Improve!

I don’t know how things are in other parts of the world, but here in Western Europe, our relationship with money is pretty shit. Especially in the United States, you hear about how people just can’t handle money (in general of course). Also in my country, The Netherlands, I see more and more people having a hard time being good with money.