December 2018 Overview and Yearly Update

december 2018 overview

This post is the December overview, and the 2018 yearly update! I liked previous month’s format with finances and blogging so I’ll keep it. Also I promised to start posting detailed numbers. I will start doing that with the January 2019 update. For now an update as you are used from me. Finances I had … Read moreDecember 2018 Overview and Yearly Update

October 2018 Overview – Savings Rate and More

october 2018 overview

This monthly overview is very, very late. I know. I have not been paying attention, and since I was putting out blog articles regularly, I didn’t see that my October update was lacking. Since we’re almost into December, there’s still time. Here’s my October 2018 overview! Finances In financial terms, I did way better in … Read moreOctober 2018 Overview – Savings Rate and More

September 2018 Overview


We’re well into October 2018 already, so here’s my financial and personal overview of September! Finances Financially speaking, September was not a really good month. My savings rate was quite low, since I replaced my laptop. As an almost religious YNAB follower I saved up for the replacement, but still it’s quite a bit of … Read moreSeptember 2018 Overview