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14 Ideas for Side Hustles In 2021

Side hustles are a great way to make some extra money to work on your financial goals. In the end, personal finance comes down to the following things; spend less, earn more, invest the difference. Let’s see how side hustles in 2021 can help you earn more.

The Corona Lockdown in Europe, Health and Economics

As of today, large parts of Europe are in effective lockdown in an effort to fight Coronavirus. It’s not about preventing infection anymore, it’s about managing it and slowing it down. What can you do during this Corona lockdown?

Money Shame – I Make Too Much Money

Money shame is a very real thing. There are taboos around money, that, in my opinion, should be broken. You can feel shame for having too much debt. But the other way around is also possible. You can feel money shame for making too much money.