I Signed My First Freelance Client!

Starting next week, I will no longer have a job. However, I won’t be unemployed, as I’ll be freelancing. In the beginning I was afraid I would have to start hunting for business next week. In practice, things went a little bit better. 

Renting or Buying Homes in Europe?

In my country, lots of people think it’s always better to own your home rather than rent it. On the other hand, people are complaining more and more about how difficult it has become to actually purchase a house. That means that lots of people are still renting but rather would buy.

One More Week Of Busy

I need more sleep. Usually, I wake up early. Around 6 am early, not Jocko Willink style 04.30 early. But still, if you routinely go to bed around 11 pm (or later) and wake up at 6, sleep is suffering. And sleep is important…

Starting a Business Is Cashflow Expensive!

I am going to be an entrepreneur! Not that I’m aiming to create a large enterprise, but I will be self-employed. And it seems that will be expensive in the first month.