What Are You Going To Achieve In 2020?

Like the title says: I’m wondering what you are going to achieve in 2020. Let this article be an inspiration AND a way to be held accountable. Actually, I really like the idea of an accountability buddy, or accountabuddy.

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2020 Investment Policy Revisited

With my move to freelancing, a few things in my personal finances will change as well. For one, I will have to save for my own retirement.


Managing My Cashflow As A Freelance Consultant

As an employee, my salary (net of any taxes) was credited to my bank account automagically, every month. As a freelance consultant, that will change dramatically. This is my plan to managing cash flow in 2020.

I Signed My First Freelance Client!

Starting next week, I will no longer have a job. However, I won’t be unemployed, as I’ll be freelancing. In the beginning I was afraid I would have to start hunting for business next week. In practice, things went a little bit better.