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How I’m Planning to Rent out My Apartment

I have not written much about real estate lately. I mean I still want to invest in real estate, but my mind has been occupied with other tasks and real estate deals are scarce here. Today’s article is about how I’m planning to rent out my apartment once I move out of here.

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How Home Improvements could Increase Home Value

The following article on home improvements is written by one of my readers, Miss “E” from the United States of America. While this site primarily focusses on achieving financial independence in Europe, it can’t hurt to learn from our friends across the pond, can it?

Now some of the projects listed out here are very American in nature and are not that feasible in a lot of European countries. Still, it was nice to read and I would like to share it with you guys.

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Now over to Miss E…

Why Real Estate Owners Have a Higher Net Worth

It is a fact that real estate owners have a higher net worth than renters. This has not only to do with home owners paying down their mortgage. To get the same effect renters could just save and invest right? No. In practice that doesn’t happen. The reason is inflation.


Refinancing My Apartment to Lower Interest Payments

This week I finally did it. I signed on the dotted line, and promised the bank that I will pay them back a crapload of money. I have been busy refinancing my apartment.

After all the considerations, spreadsheets, and thinking I knew this is a good idea. When you see the official paperwork, and the amount you owe, it’s a different feeling. Suddenly it seems like a lot of money. However, I guess a lot of people wouldn’t consider the mortgage I took out as a high mortgage.