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Experiment: FTB Radio 001 – Why Podcasts Are Awesome

Today’s article is an experiment. It’s not even a real article. It’s a podcast! That’s right. Instead of typing my thoughts onto the screen, I’ve spoken them, into my microphone. This is one about how awesome podcasts are.

FTB Radio 001

Now, I’ve been recording podcast for the past year already. As you might know, I’m one of the hosts of the Goed met Geld Podcast – a Dutch (sorry!) radio show about personal finance for millennials.

Not only have I been recording podcasts, for the last three or four years I’ve been consuming them too. Consuming is maybe not the right word. I’ve been destroying them. I estimate I listen to about 15 hours of podcast material per week.

Three Reasons Podcasts are Awesome

Podcasts Let You Consume Content in Dead Time

Even though women are better at multitasking than men, I can multitask by listening to podcasts while doing other things.

My mind is not occupied when I’m driving or sitting in an airplane. I can use that time to listen to podcasts to learn and become inspired.

Also when I’m cycling to somewhere, or working out, I can easily listen to a show and get new ideas.

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You Are The Average of the 5 People You Hang Out With The Most

By hanging out with people, your thoughts will be aligned. So choose wisely: will you be hanging out with your so-called “friends” who want you to eat crappy junk food, spend all your money, and become fat?

Or do you want to become fit like Jocko Willink, curious like Tim Ferriss, or rich like any investor on the BiggerPockets Podcast? Yeah, that’s what I thought!

Podcasts are Inspiring

Stealing great ideas only happens when you’re open to new ideas. While I’m listening to smart girls and guys on these podcasts, I’m getting inspired to do more awesome stuff!

Today’s an Experiment

I’m not used to podcasting in English. I mean, I think my English is fine, especially for a Dutch guy… I’ve been a guest on the Financial Independence Europe Podcast twice.

But other than that, I’ve always written in English, not spoken. I know how to talk into the mic, that’s something I’ve learned over the last 30 episodes of Goed met Geld, but putting my voice out there in a language I’m not a native speaker of, that’s scary.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this. Until next time, ciao ciao!

2 thoughts on “Experiment: FTB Radio 001 – Why Podcasts Are Awesome”

  1. Yeah podcasts are GOLD. And your voice sounds good and soft. You are definitely a good podcast host (without even listening your Dutch podcast).

    What app/software you use for listening to podcasts?

  2. I just cannot listen to postcasts while driving or doing sports etc. If I do not fully focus on listening, I don’t know what the podcast is about. Basically I just need to sit down and listen if I want to hear the podcast.

    So for me it is time consuming like reading.


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