New kid in town

Hi! I’m Charlie. Nice to meet you. I’m the new owner of this blog and I have the honour of continuing B’s legacy. B didn’t have time to write on this blog anymore.  My goal is to retire at 36 and I’ll be taking you along on my journey in achieving this.

Who am I?

I’m a freelance UX designer living in Amsterdam. I’m 30 years old and am a cliché millennial that loves good food and travelling. My main interests are entrepreneurship, finance and personal development.

I have ADHD and dyslexia so having a blog might seem counterintuitive, because it obviously involves consistently posting written text. But, I’m going to give it my best shot. I always wanted my own blog but never got round to starting one, so I’m very excited to breathe new life into FTB.

My FIRE journey

When I was 14 years old, I read Rich Dad Poor dad. That book taught me to look at finance in a new way. However, after reading it I often felt misunderstood by the people around me that have a more traditional way of looking at the world.

About 9 months ago I read an article in the newspaper about the FIRE-movement in the Netherlands. While I was reading it I thought “This is me!”. So I started reading blogs and watching YouTube-videos about FIRE. I’m thrilled to see how many people around the world have similar thoughts on financial independence.

What to expect of FireTheBoss

Some things will be changing on this blog, such as the logo, look-and-feel and layout ─I mean, I’m a designer how could I not change the design?!

To prevent it being a total shock to regular readers, I’ll implement the changes in phases. I will rearrange some categories and make more use of tagging. Also, be sure to follow FTB on Instagram and Facebook, because I’ll be making more use of social media.

Besides FIRE, I will post lifestyle blogs because I’m always learning new stuff and would love to share it with you. However, the main mission of the blog is to inspire and educate you into becoming financially independent and retiring early.