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Having my finances in shape is important to me. Recently, I started a freelancing business. Is fitness suffering from that?

For now, I don’t think fitness is suffering. However, I’m also not the fittest I ever was. Probably, I’ll never be, because the fittest I ever was, was when I practiced nearly full-time. I was still studying and I competed at the national level. Boy, was I fit.

Unsustainable Living

But I was also not doing anything else. For about a year, I trained and lived like a pro. I practiced eight or nine times per week. I was on a diet. I was on a sleeping schedule.

Other than being ridiculously fit, it wasn’t that much fun. Well, at the time I saw that differently. Being an sportsman was my identity. I enjoyed the long, gruelling training sessions. I enjoyed the suffering, and the winning.

But it wasn’t sustainable. In the end, I lacked the talent to really succeed, so I quit. My life changed for the better, because suddenly I had time to do other things, such as spending time with my girlfriend and friends, starting my career, etc.

Changes in the Body

With changing my lifestyle from being a full-time athlete, to being a full-time consultant, my body changed. I’m sure the long working days, plane rides and nights in hotels didn’t help!

Now by no means am I “un-fit”, when compared to the general population. But let’s just say I’ve been better and that’s difficult.

This year, I started a blogging series called Fire The Belly, as a joke that started on Twitter, in which I tried to document my mental and physical fitness goals and to create some kind of accountability.

But I found that writing those articles took up more time than I got back from it in terms of satisfaction, however you might define that. So I quit. The last post from Fire The Belly is from June 30th.


Now that I started freelancing, that certainly didn’t help. I find that I have little time to actually train.

My regular schedule would be practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu three times per week, and going to the gym for weight lifting two mornings. Those mornings are skipped, although I still practice BJJ.

I hope that in a while, my freelancing business will be up and running and I won’t need to put in as many nights and weekends as I did in the last two months. Then I’ll be able to pick up lifting again.

Also, I do have some weights at home (and a pull-up bar on the way), that I can use for an improvised workout.

How is your professional life affecting your fitness? Please share your comments and tips below!