Fire the Belly 001

So, I’ve been playing with lifestyle-related posts for a while now. The reason is that the road to financial independence is boring. Man! The boring middle does exist! Anyway, lifestyle for me is about optimising your life, not just your finances, to enjoy FI even more. Fire the Belly is my new series about health.

Being healthy should make it easier to enjoy your FI lifestyle instead of just being after the money.

This might be weird on a personal finance blog, but it’s my site. Also, I see more and more bloggers write about their health so I can’t be the only one putting value to being fit.

This little joke that went on on Twitter now gets real, I’ll put out a regular article on Saturday on how I fire my belly. Gotta stay loyal to the FTB brand right!


Sports are an integral part to my overall health plan. I have been playing competitive sports on quite a high level during school and university, and I was very fit at the time.

When I started working I practiced a lot less than I used to, and that combined with my appreciation of good food made me grow a little heavier.

I have been working out, just not on a high level anymore. By running and lifting weights I have tried to keep my body in check, but last December I added some kilograms and they should go now.

Regarding sports, I picked up Brazilian jiu-jitsu which is super intense and way out of my comfort zone. That means it’s great for my personal development, both in terms of getting out of the comfort zone and learning new skills, but it’s also great physically.

Next to jiu-jitsu I keep lifting weights to stay strong. Not only does this help with jiu-jitsu, it’s also preventing a lot of back problems for people who sit all day like me.


I like food. Like, really like food. The problem is that I eat almost anything, and like almost anything.

Add a lack of self-control to that (that bag of crisps must be empty), and it’s a potential disaster. I’m not eating only crap. Healthy foods are something I really enjoy, but you know, with playing a lot of sports I had to eat a lot, and it became a habit.

So the plan is to cut back on unhealthy foods, while trying to ingest enough energy to work and practice.

Mental Health

I have been trying to pick up meditationfor a while now, and I have practiced regularly every morning, however lately I’ve been slacking a bit.

My job can be quite stressing, so relaxation through meditation is super helpful! I will try picking it up again using apps like Headspace and maybe just on my own.

This Week’s Health Update

So this week I have been training a little bit too little for my taste. On Monday and Friday, I went to my Brazilian jiu-jitsu class, with another one planned for Sunday (tomorrow). Next to that, on Wednesday morning, I lifted weights.

Now I plan to do jiu-jitsu two to three days a week, depending on my travel schedule (one week on, one week off) and ideally lift weights two to three mornings. If I can get a total of four exercise sessions a week I’ll be happy for now.

My weight this week on Monday morning was 79.3 kilograms at 179 cm of height. My body fat came in at 20.2% which is a bit too much. I used to be a lean 70 kg machine, with a body fat percentage under 10% and decent strength.

These days, consulting and travel have added some additional B to my body ;-). I don’t intend to ever go back to that sub-10% body fat, as it is quite unsustainable unless you work it 24/7. Over the 2018 holidays, I weighed in at 84 kg and 23% body fat so I’m going in the right direction again.

How does your health look like, and what do you think of the relation between personal finance and enjoying life in a healthy manner?

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    • Thanks, Hen! Indeed, the mind is way more powerful than we usually think! This morning I picked up the mediation again, now I’m hoping it can stick as a daily practice.