Fire the Belly 002

This is part two of my new weekly health related post, Fire the Belly. Every week I will write an update on physical and mental health, sports, and food.

This week was a though one. Every other week I travel abroad to a client, and this was the first week of my new schedule. I switched the travel days around and now I’m leaving Sunday night and returning Wednesday night. That for sure came in the way of some planned sports activities!


To me, playing sports is really important. As I mentioned last week, I have played competitive sports (even at the national level!) and I used to be very fit. These days, not so much. I guess the constant stress, travel, hotels, and restaurants you encounter in consulting are taking their toll.

Anyway, this week I have slacked a bit sports-wise. When writing this (on Friday) I have only trained once. On Thursday I went for a running session which was good. Tonight (Friday) I have planned to go to Brazilian jiu jitsu and on Saturday or Sunday I will probably either go for a weightlifting session or another run.

The first few days of the week I haven’t done anything due to travel. There were some issues in my travel schedule, different hotel, shitty gym. Although I take full responsibility for my own actions, it was a shitty week.

Next week I will pick up weightlifting again. It’s always hard to go a week without lifting, my body really doesn’t like that. The first session is always painful!

With jiu jitsu, I finally feel like I’m improving by little bits and pieces. I now know a handful of beginner’s techniques that prevent me from getting tapped out within the first 30 seconds of a roll. But still there’s lot to learn. Even guys (and girls, ouch!) that are smaller than me can usually tap me out two or three times during a four minute roll.


You can guess, my food intake has not been great this week. Traveling is always difficult food-wise. The two issues I identified are eating out twice a day, and drinking too much alcohol. Not that I’m getting drunk, but a few beers or wines definitely have an impact on my energy levels and body composition.

However, this week I tried to notch down the alcohol part a bit, and take smaller portions of food. That seemed to have helped, as I weighed in at 78.7 kg (-0.6) and 20.0% fat (-0.2%) this morning. I guess my target would be 75 kg at 12% body fat, which means I have to grow a bit of muscle to maintain that weight.

Mental Health

I started meditation again this week, after some months off. Although I definitely have problems getting into it, it feels nice.

Usually, I meditate within 30 minutes of waking up. That way, I can start the day with a fresh mind and it does feel nice! Now I have to keep practicing and making a habit out of it.

How did your health look like this week? Let me know in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Fire the Belly 002”

  1. Funny thing, health, it can be flaky at times. I work out almost daily, but that didn’t prevent me from getting a serious cold last week.
    From Tuesday the 16th till Thursday 18, I had a heavy cold, i.e., not only a runny nose but muscle and head ache. It wasn’t the flu though since I didn’t have a fever nor was a completely stuck to the bed. I was ‘only’ bed ridden for Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s only today that it’s really gone.
    Luckily it’s over now and I can get back to working out daily :D At least there was one good thing about it, I didn’t eat as much so even though I didn’t do much, I also didn’t gain any weight :P