Fire the Belly 004

Part 4 of my weekly health related series, Fire the Belly, is a week late. Last week I simply forgot to write the article. Life got in the way, sometimes that happens.

This week was a medium week, health related, I’d say. I’ve been to all three jiu jitsu practices, but only did 1 weight lifting session.


Just like last week, I should lift more weights. Once a week is simply not going to do it. I used to lift three times per week, and I was strong.

At 80 kg body weight I could perform (the big four power lifts) a 160 kg squat (deep), 175 kg dead lift, 95 kg bench press, and 70 kg overhead press.

Right now, I’m nowhere near to that. The regularity isn’t there anymore, which means my body is breaking down. Not only muscle mass is being lost when you don’t practice enough, the main reason for losing strength is that your nervous system is less accurate. By practicing movements, it becomes more efficient at actually firing the muscles.

So, with this one session this week, I feel I should do more. But I have problems fitting it to my Brazilian jiu jitsu practice.

I try to go there three days a week. Twice for lessons, once for open mat practice. Fighting another human being three days a week takes a lot of energy. That means it’s good for my health, but I have trouble fitting other sports into it. To be continued…


I ate super clean foods this week, didn’t have any fast food. Of course, the occasional biscuit piece of chocolate (leftovers from Easter) were there but that’s fine.

My body weight was 79.1 kg (-0.4) and my body fat percentage 18.1% (-1.4%). Those are great results.

This means I now carry around 14.3 kg of fat and 64.8 kg of lean body mass. With my goal of 75 kg body weight at 12% fat, I have to lose an additional 5.3 kg of fat and gain some lean mass. This can be a long process, I don’t mind that.

Mental Health

I didn’t meditate at all this week, shame on me. Overall, my mental health is fine – I feel fine. But I should take better care of myself. That starts with more sleep and more meditation. Nothing much to say about that!

How did your health look like this week? Let me know in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Fire the Belly 004”

  1. Another good week B. I’m sure that writing it down helps the accountability.

    I had a great sword fighting session this week but not a lot more. I walk a lot but that’s not the same as getting into the gym.

    I’m a big fan of short workouts (less than 30 mins total) with a bit of HIIT and some focussed heavy weights as that really works for me. I really need to find a way to prioritise it…I’m missing it.

    • Thanks Mr! Writing down definitely helps.
      Perhaps you can find a gym nearby that opens up early and practice before work? For me, that usually works. Wake up, coffee, stretches, weights, shower, work. Especially if you do a 30 min HIIT you should be able to fit that in.