Fire the Belly 006

The sixth Fire the Belly already! I did workout a lot this week. However, I also had too many parties and social events. My food intake was not to the standard!


This week, I’ve been to the gym to lift weights twice. That’s good. Three times would be great, two is just good.

I have learnt that in the next month or maybe more I probably won’t be traveling for work, the upside of that is I can get more regular in my gym schedule.

Also, I practiced jiu jitsu three times this week. I followed two beginner classes and today I went to open mat practice. I really love how I’m progression each and every week.

Food and Drinks

My regular food intake during most days was okay. On Thursday and Saturday, I did have some events, with more food and alcohol than usual.

Also, I didn’t weigh myself this week… Am curious what the scale will show me next week.

Mental Health

I feel like this is becoming the same paragraph every week. Should sleep more. I will figure things out next week when we have a broken work week and I can sleep a little more. The week after I took five days of vacation, resulting in me having 10 consecutive days off (thanks to the weekends and a national holiday).

How was your week?

2 thoughts on “Fire the Belly 006”

  1. Hi Bas, I think you are being very harsh on yourself. If you would look at this journey the same as your financial journey, would you be as criticising? The good thing is you are aware and you started!

    • I think you misunderstood the series, but that’s my fault for not making myself clear.
      I have been ultra fit in university. I was competing at the nationals in an individual sport. I practiced 8-9 times per week.
      After I graduated, things became harder. Suddenly work became very time consuming. I practiced less and less until I did almost nothing. I became a little bit fat, not like obese but way more than I would like.
      At about 23% body fat I told myself to quit it and become fitter again. So here I am documenting that part of the journey.
      Being harsh on myself is how I’ve always been. It’s 100% commitment or not. There is no in between for me. I want to win everything. Maybe that’s a risk, but I see it as my strength.