Fire the Belly 007

The seventh Fire the Belly is here, we’re closing in on two months! I was a good boy this week and did all my Brazilian jiu jitsu practices, but I didn’t do any weight lifting unfortunately.


I practised jiu jitsu three times this week. I followed two beginner classes and today I went to open mat practice. The progression of this great sport is amazing. The problem is, however, sometimes it’s hard to see you’ve become so much better.

I’ve now been training BJJ for about three months. During those first three months, you improve a lot. The problem is, you don’t always see this. While you get a lot better, so do the people you train with.

This week I rolled (we call sparring rolling) with some new people who just started training. That’s the moment when I realised how much better I have become.

Food and Drinks

My food intake this week was on-point. I didn’t do anything too crazy, okay, maybe I got a few glasses of wine on Friday. But hey, that’s what Fridays are for right?

I weighed in at 78.4 kg (- 0.3 kg) and 17.9% body fat (- 0.9%) this week which is awesome!

How healthy was your week?

8 thoughts on “Fire the Belly 007”

  1. Good results! I also started sporting finally… Maybe also a good moment to measure weight and cms :)

  2. Great progress you’re making, -0.9% body fat is great! It’s hard indeed to see your progress when the people around you are also growing – good that you got to test your skills today with some new people, puts it into perspective!

  3. Seventh already? God time flies!

    Keep it going. It seems you are getting used to healthy habits and that is quite the clue to success, isn’t it?

    My belly is increasing since I stopped smoking, I am running a lot but it seems isn’t enough for FiRE my belly. Perharps, joining a martial arts club would help me better

    • To quit smoking is a bitch, I applaud you for doing this. Really cool! Regarding the belly, watching your food is an important part as well. Running is cool because it burns a lot of calories (and helps increase your lung capacity).
      Joining some martial arts club would help as well, if only for motivation. But you have to want it, don’t do it because some random guy on the internet told you to check out Brazilian jiu-jitsu (link to youtube).
      Thanks for stopping by!

      • Interesting! I’m not I would be good at it as my balance is terrible, I’d be out of the game in seconds.

        I was thinking about joining a charity fight or an even called “fighting against cancer”. They give you free training for 4 weeks but you must participate in a combat. They raise money by selling ticket and donate it to cancer charities or related

        • Sounds awesome! Just hope your opponent also trained for only 4 weeks or you’ll be murdered. I mean, I’ve been training BJJ for 3-4 months now, am easily able to destroy a first timer, but I will get destroyed without effort by guys with more experience. It’s a bitch sometimes :-)

          • Haha got point, it’s just an idea for now but yeah I’ll check out the participants first, if they look like Tyson I’ll walk backwards silently hehe