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Fire the Belly 009

Welcome to update number 9, of Fire the Belly. As you know by now, this little joke on Twitter got out of hand and before you know I’m blogging about my sport and nutrition in the past week. And this week was good one!


As I said, this week was a good one. I practised jiu jitsu three times, and went to the gym two times! My Brazilian jiu jitsu was amazing last week, this week it was OK. I feel like I’ve learnt some new stuff, but it didn’t come automatically. It didn’t feel smooth.

Lifting weights again was awesome! The feeling you get when you get to move heavy barbells is something you have to experience. Because I have been slacking on the strength training front a bit, and the last two weeks have done nothing, I decided to ease into it with some lighter weights.

Food and Drinks

My food intake this week was very clean, except for one night where we got some fast food. I know this is killing your body, but every once in a while it’s nice to eat, plus, with five days of exercise I think I’m good for this week.

The scale showed some good numbers again. I weighed in at 76.8 kg (-0.6 kg) and 16.8% body fat (-0.2 %). Again some progress! Now with my weight approaching my 75 kg “soft” target, I will have to focus on bringing down the body fat percentage without losing too much weight overall. I do want to be more fit, but don’t want to be the skinny kid again. That’s why my strength program will be important.

How healthy was your week?

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