Fire the Belly 010

Welcome to update number 10, of Fire the Belly. Last week I forgot the update as I was helping friends remodel their home, but this week the series is back! It’s a short update, to the point, as I’m going to the Drinks on FIRE event to meet other FIRE bloggers!


This week I’ve done two Brazilian jiu jitsu training sessions. They went really well. We practiced leg locks, a group of techniques where (you guessed it) you try to lock down your opponent’s legs. This opens up a whole new dimension to the game. Awesome stuff!

I’ve only lifted weights one day this week. That’s not enough to bring up my skills again, but if I can keep them at a reasonable level I’m happy for now. Life and jiu jitsu are in the way of me lifting four times per week.

Food and Drinks

Food intake this week wasn’t very clean. There was some junk food, plus some alcohol. I visited both a concert this week (Muse rocked!) and a food truck festival, so yeah…

The scale didn’t show massive changes though. I weighed in at 77.9 kg (+1.1 kg) and 17.0% body fat (+0.1 %).

How healthy was your week?

2 thoughts on “Fire the Belly 010”

  1. I have noticed that it is hard to keep up with the regular gym workout routine in summer!

    Once per week is enough to not lose all your gains, that’s better than 0. I usually go 2-3 per week but in the summer time is much harder :P