My Birthday and a Quarter Life Crisis?

So this week was the week of my birthday. I turned 26. Turning 26 is a point in my life where I have to think about my future. Now that I’m officially closing in on 30, as Girlfriend would like to say, the goals I have in life are getting closer.

Financial Goals

My big financial goal is to fire my boss when I turn 40. Retiring at 40 means I have 14 years left. 14 years is a short amount of time to acquire the funds I need to retire on. So maybe I have to revisit my goals and look at retiring by 50.

Even if I miss retiring at 40 I will still come out ahead. Most people from my age I looking at the retirement when they are 72. If I can retire between 40 and 50, I will be super young compared to my peers.

So that’s the deal, reaching for financial independence is a longshot. Not so much that it is impossible but that it’s a marathon, a really, really long process.

In the 14 to 24 years I have left before I will retire, I will write 1,400 to 2,400 blog posts on this site, with my current schedule. I hope you’ll keep reading all of them.

Don’t get me wrong by reading what’s above. I still aim at a retirement at age 40. I just know that this is hard to achieve, and that even if I fail at doing so, I will come out ahead by an enormous margin.

Life Goals

With a couple more years before I turn 30, I have some time to think about what I want to do with my life. Eventually my girlfriend and I are interested in having kids. Also we are looking at the possibility to live abroad for a few years. Of course, we also want to buy a place together where we can raise our future children.

Sometimes I have a feeling I’m running out of time. Ideally I would live abroad without having children. But also don’t want to be 36 when I start having children. In my head that makes it difficult to plan my life, is that the definition of a quarter life crisis?

Quarter Life Crisis

I’ll keep doing what I have been doing the past few years. That is enjoying life, working hard, and saving a crap ton of money.

I would like to keep working my current job for a while, but also move to another country for a couple of years, and do all of that before getting kids.

How would you deal with this?

8 thoughts on “My Birthday and a Quarter Life Crisis?”

  1. Happy birthday!

    One piece of advise: start now! Look into that idea of living abroad! Maybe your current employer is able to help you with it? Or start applying for a job abroad. The future starts now ;)

    Signed, a 28 year old Dutchie that has been living abroad for a while now (currently in the US – since Dec 2017, before that 3y in Spain and a short while in Sweden).

    • I have been looking into it already. My first choice would be Manhattan, NYC. I have been looking into possible jobs and salaries there (not to switch right now, but to gain information). I also looked at how Girlfriend would be able to work there.
      Plus, the budget thing is important. NYC is expensive, rent alone would run 3-4k per month. So yeah I have looked at it, not super serious though.

      My current employer might be able to help, but I’m not convinced. We do have an office in the US, just not in NYC. So that leaves me with a secondment at a client that is HQ’ed in NYC of which I estimate the chances minimal.

      Where in the US do you live?

  2. Happy birthday B!

    I think the fact that you have a plan for how to achieve your future goals (in fact multiple plans in terms of money, family, living abroad and buying a home) puts you well ahead of most people.

    Given that you aren’t in a place where you’re unhappy I wouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself on the whole running out of time thing. Remember you can make decisions whenever you like and you can always change your mind.

    It sounds like you have a decent sequence in place for now. If I understand your post right it would be to carry on as you are for a couple of years, then look to move abroad for a while and then come back, buy a house and have kids in your early 30s. Although you may decide you like wherever you move to and stay abroad!

    That’s all very manageable but it also doesn’t have to be set in stone!

    • Thanks Caveman, this really helps. This perspective is helpful, as for me the schedule laid out feels tight. But you’re right, the world changes and so does my mind. Maybe it’s less of a process and more a journey. Sounds scary to a consultant… ;-)

  3. Happy (Belated) Birthday B, hope you had a good one!

    It’s very good that you’re already thinking about the next step, as that’s a good way to get ahead.
    You’re already doing great a great job, so it’s also important to try and enjoy the moment!

    Regarding your question, I would ask your current employer if there are any possibilities for working abroad. And if no, why not already do some research yourself? Maybe you’ll find something in a country you like!

    • I know I know! Talking to the employer is most likely my next step. In the meantime I already have been looking at other jobs and apartments in the city I want to go to. However, I’m not wanting to jump ship already, after all, I only work here for a year.

  4. Happy (belated) birthday! I can definitely recommend living abroad. It’s such a life changer. I managed to arrange it through my employer, so that makes life much easier!

    All the best!