Drinks on FIRE!

Yesterday (when this article is published) I attended my first ever FIRE meetup. This one was organised by Chris from The Pursuit of HOT Blog and Mr. “Cheese” from Cheesy Finance. I had a blast, thanks guys!

Meeting the Same “Breed”

It’s awesome to meet people with a similar mindset as you. I mean, not the same, but on the same track. If everyone was thinking exactly like me I would be bored out of my mind (and probably the world would be destroyed…).

I spoke to other bloggers from the Dutch personal finance sphere, as well as people without blogs who are chasing FIRE (yes they exist!).

We spoke about finance (of course) and “life” stuff as well. I had conversations with Mr. FOB (nice to meet you in real life dude!), Geldnerd (same same!), Niet tot 71 (Not ’til 71), and many, many others. I even spoke to one guy (without a blog) who recognised my voice from the Goed met Geld Podcast! You guys and girls all rock! It was amazing talking to you all and I hope I can join more often!

My next article will be the June 2019 overview, plus the balance after the first six months of the year. Let’s see if I’m on track towards my 2019 goals!

Did you ever attend a FIRE meetup?

11 thoughts on “Drinks on FIRE!”

  1. Would be nice to attend FIRE-meetups!
    Having the same purpose and passion makes conversations so much more meaningful.
    Unfortunately, there has been no meetups in my country (yet)!

  2. I was the ‘one guy’!
    It was really cool to meet and talk to so many like-minded people.
    A very nice community we are building together.

  3. It was a pleasure to meet you in real life. When i’m ready with the podcast i’m listening now, i’ll give your podcast a try.

  4. It was my first event as well.. I don’t know if we met in person there, because there where a lot of people, but I loved the great conversations and like minded people. I used to think I was the only crazy person in the world, but now I know there are a lot more!! Ha ha. Hope to talk to you on the next event.