Go Get Some, Work Harder to Get Ahead

Go get some is a motto used a lot by Jocko Willink in his podcast about leadership and extreme ownership. In these contexts, go get some means to do something badass, to deliver results, to be awesome.

The way I see it, working hard is the way to move forward in life. If you move faster than your competition, make more hours (when necessary of course), and reliably deliver results, you will come out ahead in life. Go get some.

Talent is Optional

People blame a lot of their failures on a lack of talent. But talent is optional. What really matters is work and attitude.

Of course, in the end talent definitely means something. But for 95% of things you want to accomplish, zero talent is needed. Even for the harder and more elusive goals, talent is overrated.

I know this by heart. In my early twenties (oh gosh I feel old saying that) I competed in the Nationals in my sports. I wasn’t particularly talented. Okay, of courses I had some kind of talent otherwise you won’t make it to that level. But I wasn’t as gifted as some of the others guys.

Although I was in the Dutch top 10 of my discipline one year, I had to work extremely hard and basically do something very unsustainable. I practised hard like eight or nine times per week. I did all the physical therapy sessions (they hurt more than training hard!). Even my diet and sleeping patterns were aimed at competing. That attitude made a mid-level talented kid compete at the nation’s highest level, unfortunately not enough to make in international.

I was basically living the go get some life without knowing it.

Your Attitude Matters More

Working hard is something you can always rely on. Maybe you don’t have much talent to do something, maybe the stars aren’t aligned, but you will always be able to work your ass off and go get some.

Being on time doesn’t require talent. Neither does putting in some serious effort. Still, these two traits are what makes you stand out from the crowd. I always hated it when I was in university and people would come in late to do group work.

I mean, come on! You cannot complain about your grades when you can’t even make class or project days on time!

The same goes for putting in a lot of effort. When Girlfriend struggled with one of the courses she took in university, it was sheer perseverance that made her pass it. I was so proud!

No Really, Go Get Some!

Work hard to make sure you’re in the top 10% of the workforce. Maybe someone else is smarter than you. But a lot of people waste their talent by being lazy. You’re not lazy. You’re extremely determined to increase your income. Why would you be reading my blog if you’re not determined right?

For me working hard is the combination of a couple different things. For one, it’s physically working hard. Make the hours, put in the time. But only when needed of course, there’s no need in putting in 60 hour weeks if the job doesn’t require it from you.

Secondly, resilience and perseverance are what makes you stand out. If you can reliably deliver results every single time, without complaining, you will get noticed by management. They’ll come to you with more and more of their issues, and that is very good for your income potential. Quitting is not an option. Muscling yourself through a problem is.

If you are the type of person that’s delivering every single time, when you ask for that raise it will be quite hard for them to say no. And even if they do, another job is always up for grabs for the dedicated worker.

Starting to work earlier in life is a form of getting some!

So get up at 6am or earlier, work out, kick ass, go get some! What do you do to stand out? Let me know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Go Get Some, Work Harder to Get Ahead”

  1. Thanks for an inspiring article!
    I started going to the gym again recently, spending every other day kicking away frustrations and ‘working out’ dilemmas. A great way to boost my mood, stay positive and kick ass outside the gym as well :)