Going Public Really Helps You Stand Out!

Going public is a sure way to get more attention to you, whether it’s personally or professionally. I see this since I’m blogging and podcasting, and recently also after I gave a speech to a user group related to my work.

Becoming an Authority

Once you’re putting yourself out into the world, people are going to look up to you. I mean, not everyone obviously, but I have noticed that being seen as an authority has much more to do with visibility than with actual knowledge.

Of course you need knowledge to actually be able to help people out. But that first contact will never be made if people don’t know you. So for all you readers that want to become known in your field, get out there! Let me give you three examples.

Example 1: Blogging

Since I’m blogging, I see that more and more people are asking me about money related things. They ask me for advice (which I never give, sorry!), my opinion, or simply to clarify things around things like investing or taxes.

Since I’m not acting as a professional financial adviser, I can’t help you with your specific situation. For that, this blog is too generic, and I don’t know your situation not well enough. But what I can do is putting you on the right path. I love talking to my readers both online and offline to help them become better at managing their money.

The blog has not only proven itself to establish the Fire The Boss brand in the personal finance world, it was also a stepping stone into podcasting.

Example 2: Podcasting

Oh yeah, podcasting! Boy I was nervous the first time my co-host and I turned on our microphones. But it is a blast. If you understand Dutch, please subscribe to the Goed met Geld Podcast right now, and only come back to this article after you’ve done so.

Ready? Good! We are just over 20 episodes in but we’ve already established ourselves as one of the few authorities in the Dutch personal finance world. Literally, we’ve been getting questions from readers on how dividend investing in The Netherlands works, and how things like mortgage interest deduction can be applied.

We’ve also landed a (paid!!!) speaking gig already from the podcast. With all the communication and preparation it’s not making us rich, but come on, we’re super happy to be seen as two guys with a story worth paying for.

A podcast is an awesome platform to get your brand out there. Oh, did I mention you should subscribe? We’re on Spotify and Apple Podcasts (and some other platforms). Do it now!

Example 3: Professional Speech

Recently I gave a speech to a user group of a piece of software I’ve specialised in in my consulting career (yup I’m not just blogging and podcasting).

This speech was only 30 minutes, but afterwards I got to talk to so many nice and smart people. I mean, at these user group events I can always work on my network and talk to people, but after giving the speech people were actually looking to speak to me! It didn’t cost me any effort to connect!

My LinkedIn also got a good amount of hits because of this, and who knows, maybe my next client could be amongst them.

Putting myself out for such a group, I was a bit nervous. But when I got onto the stage the nerves were gone and the flow of the speech was great. It felt so powerful and energising to be standing there! I would definitely be doing public speaking more often if I get the chance.

Are you stepping up to establish your brand? Would you, why or why not? Let me know in the comments!

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