I Can’t Do It Anymore, I’m Buying a Porsche

As per the title, I’m burned out. I just can’t do this anymore. I’ve tried for years to get the most out of my money, to work hard now so I can play hard later, but the flame is gone.

Portfolios have been optimised, stocks bought, apartments refinanced. The good thing about all this saving is that I’m now able to do a lot of cool stuff with all this money I just “found”.

Right now, I feel relieved having made this decision. It’s a weight off my shoulders.

In the end, I think my life will change for the better. Even though I will have to work longer, I don’t have to worry about optimising my retirement plans, or writing a lot of blog posts (those take up all your time!).

Last year I have been feeling overworked, stressed out, and generally unhappy. After long and lonely nights thinking, I knew something had to change.

For a few months now, I was slowly getting myself to this conclusion. Day after day, the picture became a little more clear to me.

Others are stronger than me. They will be able to preserve their fire within. For me, that FIRE fizzled out. It is done. I will probably work until I’m 72. I have found peace with that thought.

Others will continue blogging, but I won’t. The time it takes me to work, commute, write the blog, and market it is just too much.

Last week I bought something nice with my nest egg. It is the epitome of evil in the personal finance world. It is a very nice (although used) Porsche. I couldn’t make it work buying a new one, but this second-hand beauty will be my new love in the after-blog-life.

Speeding tickets will be hard to avoid, luckily I’ve got some money saved up. Even after the purchase I think it’s worth it to blast past a police car just once, because I can.

Data suggests that people burning through money like this will end up like shit. I think I’m smart enough to overcome. My job provides me with enough income to put fuel in my Porsche, eat out a couple times per week, and go on expensive holidays.

Anyway, this is the end. I wanted to write this post as a last thank you note and an apology for having failed you. Please take it.

You all have been an amazing audience. Thanks a lot, and even though I stop writing here, I’ll never forget. To you, my loyal readers, I love you guys!

12 thoughts on “I Can’t Do It Anymore, I’m Buying a Porsche”

  1. Awesome choice! I’m contemplating to sell everything today and buy an Audi RS6, we should meet up and brag about our new found luck!

  2. You’re fooling us on 1 April :)
    Although I love your choice of the old Porsche. For me it would be an Audi, more comfort and very good service.

  3. Actually an Porsche like that wouldn’t be a very bad investment.
    I’ve bought a 930 turbo about 8 years ago for 16.000, had done repairements for about 16.000. Right now it’s worth 90.000 – 150.000:-)

  4. Damn that was a good “gotya”. I was trying to figure out how to get you motivated again until I read the April Fools comment :-D

    Great blog, keep up the good work :-)

    • Thanks, Mark! Sorry that it took long before your comment appeared here. Somehow my spam filter caught you…
      I guess the first letters of each paragraph didn’t tip you off? ;-)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. My dad actually bought an old Porsche and restored it for fun. He would sell it at 5x the value he invested but won’t sell it yet.

    • Wow! My April Fools joke has some kind of truth. Not stopping FIRE, but making money. I guess if you have the knowledge and time this works out to be a great side hustle.
      Thanks for stopping by!