Meeting Up With FIRE Friends UK Edition

Just a few weeks ago I attended a FIRE meetup in The Netherlands. It was amazing to talk to all these crazy FIREy types and exchange ideas. This week, I had the incredible joy of meeting up with a FIRE friend living in the United Kingdom.

Business Travel

I have written about the benefits of business travel before. My employer is so nice to send me abroad to work, but then also allowing me to save a buttload of airline miles (free holiday flights yay!), compensating any weekend travel time (extra holiday time!), and paying out a cash bonus for days worked in another country (that pays for the rest of the holiday).

Other than that, this week I’ve had the pleasure of meeting up with one of my FIRE colleagues. This guy is really cracking it, and I enjoyed the evening with him in the UK. Although he’s originally from The Netherlands, he lives in the UK for a few years already and he happened to be in the town next to my client’s. A train ride was all it took to visit.

FIRE is Fucking Awesome

That’s the conclusion we drew this night. We discussed things ranging from Estonian companies for a tax-free collection of side hustle money, to things like working your balls off for 10 years to reach FI vs slowly reaching FI in 25 years while working part-time in a stress-free job.

We also discussed how to scale and monetise our respective blogs and podcasts, how to hack your way into your career to earn more money, and partnering up with others to be more efficient and do the work you like, instead of the work you have to do.

Basically everything came down to how much options you get from pursuing FIRE, and the incredibly fucking awesomeness that adds to your life.

Food, Drinks, Views

Of course we went out for some local food in a nice pub and drink some beers. Now I still believe the British can’t make good beers, so I ordered a Belgian one. Sorry UK friends!

After the drinks, we went for a walk around the city. The picture above this article is not a stock photo like most are, but one I took myself.

I really enjoyed this night out in the city, and it was well worth the train ticket from and to the city I work in.

Thank you, random internet stranger/FIRE guy/podcaster – you know who you are! (and probably others might know too based on the cryptic descriptions in this post).

Have you ever taken the opportunity to visit people in other countries while traveling there for work? If so, let me know!

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