Second Birthday of My Blogging Life

My blogging life just turned two years old! My first ever blog post was published on 23-05-2017!

Of course, that one was posted to my old (Dutch) web site ( Fire The Boss is not two years old yet, heck, it isn’t even one year old. But my blogging career is.

Blogging has taught me a lot of new skills, enabling me to build up my skill stack.

Skill Stack?

Yes, the skill stack. I’ve written about this before, and boy is it amazing! In my day job, I learn a lot about businesses and data and some technical skills and about strategy.

But I do not learn about keeping a web site, managing WordPress, writing, SEO, online marketing, and all that. But I do know a fair bit on these topics. Maybe not as much as the professionals, but at least 80% more than the average Joe or Jane.

By having a blog, regularly writing articles, and trying to grow the audience, I get to learn all these new things and grow my skill stack.

Specific Things Blogging Taught Me

1 – It’s a shit load of work

Even with two years in, blogging hasn’t become any easier yet. I’m still spending a lot of time working on new articles, trying to define a strategy for the next few months, working on marketing and such.

I think I spend 6-8 hours per week on average on the blog. Less than half of that is spent on actually writing the content.

2 – Marketing is not easy

This is a direct cause for number one above. The marketing of your blog isn’t easy. Just putting the content out there for the world to discover may have worked ten years ago. But these days, the old “build it then people will read it” doesn’t work.

I have to work on my Facebook and Twitter pages (feel free to click and like/follow by the way!). Then there’s the reading and commenting on other blogs (does this count as marketing?). You’ve got reaching out to other bloggers to collaborate and grow each other’s site by guest posting.

It’s a lot of work.

3 – Other bloggers are your friends

But luckily, other bloggers are your friends. I’ve met a lot of personal finance bloggers online, spoken to dozens of them semi-personally (via chat message) and met one of them in real life (my amazing podcast co-host).

Bloggers, especially the ones blogging about personal finance and financial independence, are a rare breed in this world and tend to bond together. Even though I prefer stocks over bonds, I definitely like this bond!

4 – Blogging is science as well as art

Writing great content is like making a piece of art. You start with a white screen. You do your magic, and it fills up with words. Not just words, but words that have a certain meaning when combined into sentences.

But blogging is also a science. Certain topics yield more traffic than others. You have to think about how Google works, to make sure you get people to find your web site and converse with you.

Because what’s the point of shouting in the air with no one to hear you? Yeah, that’s right. It might seem shallow, but I like seeing my page views go up every month. So that means I’m not only focussing on putting words onto the screen, I also put in the effort to get people to read it.

9 thoughts on “Second Birthday of My Blogging Life”

  1. Happy Birthday B!
    I hope we can celebrate our Goed met Geld Podcast anniversary the same amazing way as you just did: by posting :)

    Enjoy the two year anniversary!

    Your amazing podcast co-host ;)

  2. Congrats on reaching two years of blogging working experience ;)

    Although I “dislike” your blog domain I can’t say so on the content you are writing down.

    Keep up the good work amigo ;)

      • It’s for a personal reason only, don’t take it wrong.

        My father hated his boss and was always mentioning that he wanted to fire him so badly. So, he purchased a business in the attempt to feed his desire without making a proper due diligence. The business didn’t work out and we were left with misery.

        That’s all.

        The thing is that it doesn’t rea.lly matter what domain you’re using, what matters to me is who is behind the blog and how he connects with others and you are great at that!

        So once again, keep up the good work boss ;)

        • I see! For me it’s not about that. I don’t hate my job. Firing my boss is synonymous for not needing a job. Besides, it’s a word play of sorts to FIRE of course.

          Thank you for the kind words man. I try my best. Luckily I’m surrounded by wonderful colleague bloggers like yourself. I really enjoy our “secret little club”.