The FTB Money Music Top 12 Just Launched!

Yes, that’s true! The FTB Money Music Top 12 is here! I’ve put 12 songs together for you in a playlist to motivate you to keep working on your money business! From mellow tunes to straight-up gangsta rap to the Beatles and hard-rock, this playlist’s got something for everyone!

Money For Nothing – the Dire Straits knew it all along: you don’t get money for nothing! This is the perfect opening song to the FTB Top 12 as it builds up for 90 seconds and then that sweet, sweet guitar kicks in. Shit, I love this music.

It’s All About the Benjamins – the podcast “Stacking Benjamins” is all about stacking those dollar bills. And it definitely is if Diddy, B.I.G., Lil’ Kim and The Lox came together to make this song.

Money – come on Beatles, money’s what I want too! This blog is proof of that.

Moneytalks – you should talk about money, or you can just bash your guitar and scream! Let’s do the latter. My god I’m too young! Why is all the cool music considered “old”?

Thrift Shop – what what, what, what? Hey Macklemore, can we go thriftshopping? At least the little girl knows about keeping a tight budget!

Savings – this one starts off a little easy but don’t let it fool you. It is truly not about monetary savings but let’s pretend it is!

Bills – oh man oh man! LunchMoney Lewis has got bills to pay. Luckily he’s got great work ethic so he’ll walk to work everyday! Very frugal, Lewis!

Life Savings – a little bit strange at first, but I like the vibe this song gives. Just remember there’s no future, only money!

Million Dollar Loan – Taking out a million-dollar loan could be smart! Just make it a loan on a cashflowing asset and you’re golden. For example, buy a nice 2 million dollar multi-family property and have a few families pay you rent for eternity!

Hustler’s Ambition – this one’s obvious. Hustling is the way to get started, and side hustles are perfect to increase your income. If he would read this blog, his name would not be 50 Cent but 50 Million!

Retirement – the last (serious) entry in this playlist could not not be about retirement! The Kaiser Chiefs go at it and sing about retirement. Now make it early retirement and I’m buying concert tickets!

Stockholm Syndrome – this great song by Muse has nothing to do with money, but the word stock is in the title and since this is my site I can do whatever I want. Just enjoy these crazy Englishmen going at it!

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