You Are Not Special, But You Can Live Like You Are

You are not special. Neither am I! There it is! You’re probably not born from a billionaire’s family. Neither am I. Your IQ is not 200 points, and you’re probably not an extremely talented athlete. So, you’re nothing special. Still, you can live a very special life.

Today is a short thought experiment on “being special”.

You Are Not Born Special

If you score 150 points on an IQ test, you’re in the top 0.2% of the general population. With my 2.700 unique visitors from last month, that means that about 5 of my readers could be in this category.

Well, only if my group of visitors is a representative sample of the general population, which I don’t think. On top of that, the sample size is way too small to say anything about these statistics.

For me, that puts it in perspective, how exceptional such high IQ scores are. My IQ score is definitely not 150. Chances are pretty high yours is lower too. But it doesn’t matter.

Statistically speaking, I don’t think any one of you has a billionaire background. If we count the entire continent of Europe, you won’t even find 600 billionaires. According to one of my sources, the number is 559.

With a very rough one billionaire per million people, it’s statistically safe to say no-one here on this website is a billionaire (but if you are, let me know! I want to interview you, anonymous if you want of course). But even without a billionaire background, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it in life.

But You Can Make Yourself Special

Because you are not special, doesn’t mean you can’t make yourself special. The sole fact you’re following my blog is already something that makes you special! Not much people take time out of their days to read a random guy’s stories about finance.

The above already means you’re driven and dedicated to improve your financial situation. That in and of itself makes you special.

Now add to that the fact that you can simply stash away some money every month without spending it unintentionally, and you’ve got yourself a recipe to become a millionaire. Just make sure your investment strategy is sound and you take the time to let compound interest work its magic.

In no time, you’ll be special!

1 thought on “You Are Not Special, But You Can Live Like You Are”

  1. Good reminder for all of us!

    Many people have the false assumption that some people just have it and some don’t.
    It complete BS. Sure, some people have certain advantages, but success is very rarely an accident that just happened for no reason.