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April 2019 Overview

The end of April was there, a third of the year is already over! Man, time goes fast!


In April I made a little bonus (travel bonus) again, upping my net income a bit. But also I had a one-off expense, resulting in my savings rate dropping a bit. Anyway, April 2019 marks a record high net worth because my investments have been doing so well!

Income and Expenses

In April I made my regular net salary (this month 2,626 euros) and received my travel bonus (we get a daily bonus for working abroad) of 280 euros for a total net income of 2,906 euros.

On the expenses side, I spent 1,777 euros which is a bit above average, however, included in this number is 250 euros I paid to myself, to my bank account for side-hustling. I decided to split the accounts a bit, to make reconciliation and taxes easier. I consider the 250 to be starting capital, but of course, it’s not really an expense.

My savings rate this month came down to 38.8% including the 250 EUR expense, or 52.5% excluding the expense. I guess April was a good month! Year to date my savings rate now shows a 39.0% number, which is steady.

Investments and Net Worth

This month I’ve added little over 1,100 euros to savings, but my investments (including retirement accounts) went up a whopping 4,800 EUR because of investment returns!

In my stock portfolio, I saw a 3.8% increase this month alone which would translate to over 45% yearly. Obviously, that’s a crazy increase there.

The same thing happened with my cryptocurrencies. They exploded again for the fourth month now, adding almost 30% this month!

In total, this made my net worth grow to another all time high of 94,282 euros. Last month I was wondering if I could make the 100k this year, but with markets this friendly I will reach that mark sooner rather than later!


Together with the stock market, Fire The Boss exploded as well to a new all time high number of visitors and pageviews.

Fire The Boss record visitors
Fire The Boss record visitors in April 2019

Fire The Boss got 6,211 views from 2,045 visitors (3.04 views per visit). I published 13 articles in April.

I notice that search engines are sending me a lot more traffic. In April I got 604 views coming in from Google, in March this number was 464, and in February only 151 people found me through this search engine. Clearly, I’m doing something right. Hopefully, the SSL will also kick in now.

The most well-read articles I published this month were:

The ones that could do better are:

How did your April go?

8 thoughts on “April 2019 Overview”

  1. Nice work! And great results on your investment portfolio! If the stock market continues like this you will break through EUR 100K in no time! Good luck!

    My April went good as well! Stock markets and housing market is treating me well. With a savings rate of 29% I’ve nothing to complain!

    • Thanks! Yeah, I feel like the markets are the deciding factor in reaching that milestone. Obviously, cryptocurrencies also play a large role in that. They have made the largest swings, both up and down. I still have my sell orders in place, so when they swing up enough, I will automatically take the profits and capture that. If they go down again, well, that’s too bad, but no big deal to me.
      Thanks for stopping by!

    • Apparently! The side hustle is this blog and my podcast (Goed met Geld Podcast – in Dutch). There are some costs and I have been restructuring how I pay them. Previously I paid them from my regular account and budget, and I decided to put some money in a different account to separate. This is easier when tax time comes.


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