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December 2019 Overview

Happy new year! The year is over, let’s look back at December. It always feels the second half of the year goes by so fast…


Financially speaking I didn’t do so well this month, but that was expected. My income was way lower, because I quit my job.

Income and Expenses

My net income this month was only 1,624 euros. I quit my job as of December 1st so I didn’t have an income. I did however get paid out the paid time off I hadn’t used. This amounted to roughly half a monthly net salary.

My total expenses were 1,863 euros, leaving me with 239 euros lost and a monthly savings rate of -14.7%. Year-to-date, that makes my savings rate 48.9%. Not bad, especially with a month of only half an income and some additional December expenses. Mind you, in my savings rate I do not count my mortgage principal payments, only interest.

Things I spent more money on than usual were clothing and eating out.

Investments and Net Worth

My investments went down a little bit this month, but not by much. Stocks did well, crypto did poorly.


My stock portfolio at DeGiro gained around 600 euros, but I took out 4,600 and allocated that to my pre-tax retirement account. That’s why my balance went down with 4,000 euros.

I still didn’t invest new money into this account.

My balance is now just over 21,600 euros which is split 90/10 between VWRL and IUSN. You can read how to invest in these two index fund ETFs here.

Use my link to sign up for DEGIRO. It’s at no extra cost to you, and it helps me run this website. Just click the link of your country and give it a go! NL / DE / AT / ES / IT / PL / SE / UK


Mintos has been a place of mixed feelings. Originally, I’ve put in 4,000 euros to test this platform, and I have not been adding any more money towards it. A while ago I took out a thousand euros.

Currently, the value of my loans in Mintos is 3,031 euros. I earned some interest and took out a little bit. That little bit was about 40 euros.

If you want to invest in peer to peer lending via Mintos, please sign up using this link. It is completely free to you, and I might receive a small compensation to help me run this website. Winwin!


With Grupeer, I maintain the same strategy as with Mintos. I have put in 4,000 euros in total, and for now that’s enough. I will let my investments grow but not add any funds for now. In 2020 I will put in new money as per my investor’s policy.

My current Grupeer account is worth 4,454 euros. My interest earned is 75 euros. This is over 20% annually. Probably the real interest is around 12% and the rest is coming in through referrals. Speaking of which:

If you also want to invest in Grupeer, please consider doing so via my affiliate link. I might receive a small fee if you do, which helps me put out great content for you in return.


My crypto portfolio did shit this month, and went down from 11,400 euros to 10,350 euros. As is now the norm, my crypto portfolio is bouncing up and down real hard. When I’m writing this, the portfolio is worth slightly over 12,000 so it’s really a game of ups and downs these days. Anyway, in my overview I account for 10,350 as that was the value on 31 December.

I’m still working on selling off crypto to let it be less than 5% of my total net worth. It’s currently not profitable for me to sell, so I’ll wait it out a little bit longer.

Net Worth Progression

2019 net worth progression

My net worth increased this year from 81.1k to 115.6k which is awesome. I broke 100k in the first half of the year, fuelled by great investment returns and a high savings rate. Then in the second half returns went down (due to crypto) but I got to keep my net worth flat by maintaining a high savings rate around the 50% mark.


December was my third best month on the blog ever, with practically the same numbers of views and visits as in October and November. I got 10,510 views and 3,892 visitors this month. That made Q4 a great quarter. I did’t break the 25k pageviews goal I set out, but to be honest, that was a stretch.

Early in the year I was happy getting 5-6k views, and halfway through the year I got stuck at around 8k, so when I suddenly broke 10k in October and then got to keep that up, I was pretty happy.

I got almost the same amount of traffic through Google this month. I got 2,239 visitors via search engines compared to 2,227 in November. However, comparing that to January, in which Google referred just 86 readers to my site, that’s a nice improvement.

The best-read new article in December was Flatex Just Bought DeGiro, Now What.

The three best-read old articles are:

How did your December go?

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  1. Hey!
    Great post, good to see more people interested in Mintos and Grupeer who are doing FIRE. In Grupeer you can seperate the referal income from the real income, it could give a better view on what the interest really is.
    Keep up the good work!


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