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February 2019 Overview

The shortest month of the year has passed and I’m a year older now. Bye bye February 2019!


February most likely is the most expensive month for me this year, due to the city and property taxes that are paid once a year. They took a big chunk out of my savings rate, but luckily I still managed to stay cash flow positive.

Income and Expenses

Income-wise February 2019 was a regular month. Nothing interesting happened, I just got my regular salary and that’s it. I made 2,623 euros this month. The number fluctuates a little bit every month due to some minor variable witholdings.

Regarding expenses, the most visible one was the city and property tax one. I paid close to a thousand euros to the city. It’s good that I budget for these expenses so I know the money is there. But still it’s not fun to see that money leave your account. Other than that, I bought some cloths but nothing extraordinary happened spending wise.

This leaves me with a minimal 5.3% savings rate for the month. Ouch! At least it’s good to know I can handle large expenses and still stay positive in the month though. The cumulative savings rate for 2019 is now 23.2%. It will have to grow to reach my goals for the year, but there will be bonuses and tax returns so I’m not worried a bit. I know my spending is intentional.

Investments and Net Worth

My investments have done great this month. My stock market portfolio gained almost 4% this month which is incredible. Cryptocurrencies gained even more, in a volatile but green month of 23% gains. My portfolio can be seen here.

For this reason, my net worth increased with almost 2K to 82,793 euros.


The blog didn’t perform as well as the stock market did last month. I don’t know why exactly, but the views were lagging behind quite a bit.

Fire The Boss got 4,246 views from 1,328 visitors. I published only 9 new articles, compared to 15 in January, so that might have to do with it.

Anyway, I think the blog deserves more love. The best read posts of the month were:

The articles that could do better are:

I’m thinking of adding in a bit more lifestyle and fitness related posts. Would you guys be interested in that, or do you want to read more financial and investment related articles?


The podcast I run with my co-host from Stoppen Voor Mijn Vijftigste is now a month old! The Dutch Goed met Geld Podcast is seeing some nice download statistics and we get lovely feedback every episode.

If you speak Dutch, here is the latest episode we published:


In my personal life I celebrated my birthday, and I have been away (business travel) for 4 weeks straight (3 days per week on-site abroad). While business travel is definitely something I enjoy, it’s hard on my social life.

Girlfriend would like to see me at home a bit more, and I don’t see friends as much as I’d like. Luckily I’m switching to a schedule of one week on, one week off starting now.

How did your February go?

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