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January 2019 Overview

Another month has past and we’re now officially up and running with the new year! January was a fine month.

As promised, 2019 is the year for me where I will be sharing real numbers instead of only percentages. So let’s not waste time and dive right into my income and expenses for the month, and what my investments have been doing (spoiler: they’ve done great!)


As promised, I will start sharing real numbers here. So below you’ll find my income and expenses for the month, as well as my investments and net worth statement.

Income and Expenses

In January my pay increased a bit thanks to a minor salary increase and lower income taxes.

From my day job, I made 2,618 euros. From side hustles, I made 200 euros in January. These numbers are net, after tax.

My total net income for the month was 2,818 euros.

Then for expenses, I spent 1,693 euros last month for a savings rate of 39.9%.

January 2019 savings rate

Some one off expenses were a double health insurance payment. I switched my insurance company in January. Since you pay upfront for the next month, last month I paid double. I pay around 85 euros per month, so this month was an additional 85 euros that will not be spent next month.

Also I shopped cloths and shoes for a total of 186 euros. Usually I budget around 80 euros per month for clothing, but I don’t shop every month.

I took my girlfriend out to dinner for about 50 euros, which is about my average monthly spend on dinners.

Investments and Net Worth

My net worth (I compared it to the average net worth here!) grew to 80,841 euros this month (3,154 increase over last month). This mainly had to do with the stock market recovering the losses it suffered in December. View my investment portfolio here.

Both my pre-tax retirement accounts and my after tax portfolio grew nicely. Of course, I also saved almost 40% of my income which helped increase my net worth even further.

In my savings rate I include my full mortgage payment (principal + interest). One might argue that principal is not an expense, since it’s moving money from your bank account towards debt.

However I look at my savings rate from a cash flow perspective, that’s why I add the full payment to my expenses.

Then on the net worth side of the equation, I know I’m paying down about 450 euros worth of mortgage every month which feels nice. It’s like a “free” addition to my net worth.

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In Januari I think my blog grew a little bit but I can’t know for sure how much. “How does that happen” one might ask?

Well, somewhere during the month my statistics went offline, thanks to an error in one of the Jetpack data centers. In total, it seems I miss about two days worth of visit, one of which was a day where I posted new content (which usually means higher visits).

Anyways, in January you guys looked at 5,235 pages (plus the missing stats) which is almost exactly the same as in Januari. But, there were a lot less unique visitors (1,314 this month vs 1,665 last month).

That means that you guys are now looking at 4 pages per visit, which is nice!

The growth this month was a bit slower than last month. To reach my goal of 20,000 page views in December the numbers have to grow by 14.5% every month.

The best three posts this month were:

Some posts that deserve more love:

A February goal of mine was to speed up the site. That now happened, and Fire The Boss should be super fast!


Technically the podcast went live in February the first, but still I want to give it some love here.

Together with Stoppen Voor Mijn Vijftigste I started the Goed met Geld Podcast, a podcast radio show (in Dutch) about personal finance aimed at millenials.

The pilot episode #000 went live end of January and the first episode #001 went live last Friday.

In the first weekend we were online, it attracted an amazing 750 downloads! That is really incredible. I never thought the show would be this successful right away.

Together with my co-host we discussed numbers, and decided we would be happy with 50 downloads for the first episode. This is really amazing!

For my Dutch speaking friends, you can listen to the episode right here, or hop over to iTunes or Spotify. Be sure to leave a rating and review to show your love!

Thanks for reading Fire The Boss, and I hope to see you soon! How was your January?

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See my February 2019 update.

9 thoughts on “January 2019 Overview”

  1. Great that your sharing ‘real’ numbers now, guess it will be a lot more appealing for more people. I was looking forward to your podcast but couldn’t find it anywhere on Google’s Podcasts (app), maybe good to add it there too?

  2. Bold move to actually start showing numbers instead of percentages. Did you find it a difficult move? I like to the the real numbers as the Dutch FI situation is so very different than that from the U.S (which all the popular blogs are from).

  3. Thanks for sharing! Really enjoyed your article and great to see that your Net Worth is climbing up! Do you keep your investment portfolio page up to date? If so, why do you keep 44k in your savings account? Maybe it would be a good idea to add a very basic split of your holdings in your monthly overview (e.g. ETFs X%, crypto Y% and cash Z%)?

    Keep bloging! :)

    • I forgot to update the page, just did it! Please take a look.
      It is not true that I keep 44k in my bank account. My NW as you can read in the article is ˜80k, of which ˜38k is investments. The rest is in cash and my apartment. The cash part of my NW is made up of my emergency fund and savings for short and long term goals such as clothing, eating out, laptop replacement, vacations etc. The NW also includes my pre-tax retirement accounts.

      The 38k in investments is my post-tax investment account. In there, I have some crypto and the rest is a 50/50 split between index funds and cash. The cash there is to invest in a second property.


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