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July 2019 Overview

We’ve had a heat wave in The Netherlands, the temperature even hit 40+ degrees Celsius, it’s officially summer, and August is here. Read all about my July in this update!


My finances were a bit complicated in July. This month, I bought a car, and my income changed because I handed in my company car. I will now pay less taxes (no company car tax anymore) and get more income (the company car value will be paid out monthly).

Because this happened half-way through the month, the tax and salary were prorated and only next month I’ll see the full change. Anyway, this month wasn’t a bad one, considering everything!

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Income and Expenses

As I’ve mentioned, my income changed quite a bit compared to last month. The net salary I receive is going up, but also my costs are going up since I now have to pay for my car.

I earned a total of 3,060 euros this month, of which 2,960 was my regular income and 100 was a travel bonus. I spent 2,223 euros, making my savings 837 euros this month.

That brings my savings rate to 27.4%. Not really good, but at least I got it positive even with quite some additional costs. Year-to-date my savings rate is still 43.0% which is right on target.

This, I have had costs for my car. I won’t count the purchase price towards my costs but will include 200 euros per month in depreciation instead. Then, this month I paid for a month and a half of insurance, and had to fill the tank a few times.

My employer will be reimbursing my business trips with 19 cents (tax-free) per kilometre, however that will always be delayed by a month. And since I now have half a month of reimbursements (that will be paid out in August) it will take two months before the reimbursements start paying for the costs of the car.

Also, I went on a weekend away with friends which was cheap, but still we spent some money. And then I’ve paid some towards my vacation later this month.

Everything considered, I’m happy my finances give me the options to do all of this.

Investments and Net Worth

This month I’ve not added anything to my investments, I even withdrew some money to pay for the car. Luckily, stocks we’re skyrocketing this month making that purchase very easy.

For the next 2-3 months I expect not to add anything to my investment accounts, since I will be replenishing my cash buffer first. Then, I’ll be plowing more money than ever into my investments!


The stock market had a phenomenal month again, probably fuelled by the ever low interest rates and the fact that Mr. Trump decided not to bomb Iran.

I sold off some investments to aid in the car purchase, so my portfolio value went down. However, it yielded an amazing return of over 4% this month alone, which is completely crazy considering this means an annualised return of 48%.

Use my link to sign up for DEGIRO. It’s at no extra cost to you, and it helps me run this website. Just click the link of your country and give it a go! NL / DE / AT / ES / IT / PL / SE / UK


With Mintos I’ve only been investing for a month and a half, and so far I’m very happy with the results!

The first month I have been investing through their auto-invest tool, but recently I switched to their Invest & Access product which looks and feels a lot like a crowdfunding ETF where they create a portfolio of loans you’ll be invested in. The idea behind this is that you can easily sell out of your position, meaning your investment becomes very liquid.

This month I will publish a detailed article about my first experiences with Mintos and their new product.

I invested 4,000 euros into Mintos, and so far I have made 50 euros in interest. Not bad for a few weeks! This indicates an expected yearly return of 13.25%.

If you want to invest in peer to peer lending via Mintos, please sign up using this link. It is completely free to you, and I might receive a small compensation to help me run this website. Win win!


Grupeer is the other peer to peer lending platform I invest in. About Grupeer I’ve already written an extensive article explaining why and how I invest in their peer to peer lending platform.

In Grupeer I also invested 4,000 euros, and made a very nice return of slightly over 110 euros already! Although I have to say, this is part actual interest paid out from the loans I’ve invested in, and part affiliate income from friend referrals.

If you also want to invest in Grupeer, please consider doing so via my affiliate link. I will receive a small bonus if you do, which helps me put out great content for you in return.


My crypto portfolio shrank this month, because the markets tanked a little bit, then went up, and kept stable. In total I lost around 4,500 euros in value this month. I made some trades, but not much, so this was definitively a loss.

Net worth progression

All in all, my net worth went down a little bit to 113,300 euros.


Fire The Boss had a great month. Since last month was a record regarding visitors and pageviews and lots of people are on summer vacation in July and August, I expected a bad month.

However, it seems that you guys kept looking at Fire The Boss just fine. The views went down by about 8% which is better than expected.

Fire The Boss views for July 2019

Also, Google did send me more and more love. I’ve gotten 1,335 visits via the search engine, compared to 1,215 last month.

I’d say this was a good month.

How did your July go?

3 thoughts on “July 2019 Overview”

  1. Very nice timing to withdraw some of your investments and buy a car instead of your company lease!

    One thought about your stop in investments now in order to increase your cash savings to your desired level. Your plan is to save up now, and increase your investments again after you reached your desired level of cash. This might expose you to some volatility on the stock markets, which is very well possible due to the high markets know. Perhaps you could consider to make it a little longer spread to reach your cash level again and keep investing a (small) amount each month, in order to apply some more dollar cost averaging and expose yourself for a smaller extent to market developments in the upcoming months. Just a thought… you’re doing a great job anyway!

  2. Aaaaand Cryptos are back up again! (Bitcoin up 9.6 % 24h)
    Solid month once again! Nice to see that you get lots of readers from Google also.

    How long summer-vacations you guys usually have in the Netherlands?


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