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March 2019 Overview

The end of March marked the end of Q1 of the year. Let’s see how I’ve done!


In March I made more money than usual, due to the 2018 bonus payout. But I also spent more money. Anyway, the result was a nice high savings rate and a record high net worth!

Income and Expenses

Income-wise March was a really good month. Besides my regular salary the bonus from last year was paid out, which increased my net income (after taxes) to 4,194 euros.

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On the expenses side, I spent 1,693 euros which is about average, maybe slightly more than average. Last month the yearly city tax bill hit, but this month my additional expenses were related to discretionary spending. I bought noise-canceling headphones which are absolutely amazing when flying airplanes all the time, plus I celebrated my birthday which cost a couple euros in booze.

Nonetheless my savings rate was a whopping 59.6% this month! I love additional income! My year-to-date savings rate is now getting up to the 40%-mark again, after a low February I’m now at 39.1% again. I expect this to grow a bit during the year, with a tax return I expect around June and some semi-guaranteed additional bonuses.

Investments and Net Worth

Because of the high savings rate, I was able to add more money than usual to my investments. But also the markets were good to us this month!

My stock portfolio saw a 1.4% rise this month, which translates to over 17% yearly. Obviously a good month! Next to that, my crypto currency portfolio gained an amazing 18% this month alone. After more than a year of declining prices, we’ve now seen two months of growth. Did the trend reverse to bullish? Only time will tell.

All of this led to me reaching a record high net worth of 88,989 euros. With only 11k to go to that magical first 100k that might just happen this year if the markets are friendly!

In March I also declared my taxes and I will be getting back almost 2k EUR! But sometimes I feel like I’m burning out.


The blog performed a little bit better than last month, but still not as I hoped. Now I know it’s not about the numbers, but there’s something addicting seeing that little line creep upwards.

Fire The Boss got 4,692 views from 1,514 visitors. I published 10 articles in March.

Anyway, I think the blog deserves more love. The best read posts of the month were:

The articles that could do better are:


The podcast I run with my co-host from Stoppen Voor Mijn Vijftigste is now two months old and we’ve published nine episodes so far! The Dutch Goed met Geld Podcast is seeing some nice download statistics and we get lovely feedback every episode.

If you speak Dutch, here is the latest episode we published:

How did your March go?

4 thoughts on “March 2019 Overview”

  1. Thanks for the update B!
    Very well done on the net worth increase! I also have small amount in crypto and share your happiness though I’m also still very sceptical about it. Time will tell if we will see another rush up.
    I’m positive you will reach the 100K this year.11K should be doable, and in worse case you cut back a bit more ;)
    As for the blog, well, I try not to pay too much attention to it. Just focus on delivering good (and personal) content and us reader will keep coming.


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