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March 2020 Overview

It’s almost the end of April, so here’s the long-awaited March 2020 overview.


Finances were strange this month, with corona, working from home, and bouncing up and down stock prices.

Business Income

Since my business income is related to my personal finance, I will start with that.

In March 2020, my taxable profit from the business was 21,286 euros. That’s way above what I usually make! Whoohoo!

Of that, 811 euros came from online income such as affiliate marketing on this site. The rest was invoiced as billable hours from the consulting part of the business.

For reporting purposes, I have chosen a goal of 100k in (commercial) profits this year. That’s 8,333 per month. Year-to-date, I made a profit of 40,456. That means I’m way over the goal to beat the 100k mark. However, I might need that margin to cover lost income due to corona virus.

Personal Income and Expenses

My personal income this month was 6,904 euros, which includes my base “salary” of 3,500 I pay myself plus a bonus for working way more than I anticipated. Then on top of that I got a small bonus from my former employer that I earned last year.

My total expenses were 2,421 euros (including a once-per-year city tax bill of over a 1,000 euros), leaving me with 4,483 euros saved (or 64.9% of my net income). Year-to-date, my savings rate is now 52.1%.

Investments and Net Worth

Both stocks and crypto went down even more this month.


My stock portfolio at DeGiro lost over 4,600 euros, which is 15% of its value. Stocks were valued quite high at the moment, but corona really knows how to kill this. As I’m writing this mid-March, I know what next month’s overview is going to show: more red numbers!

I rebalanced my portfolio to also include two dividend funds. I now invest in VWRL/(TDIV & IDVY)/IUSN in a 60/30/15 split. You can read how to invest in these two index fund ETFs here.

Use my link to sign up for DeGiro. It’s at no extra cost to you, and it helps me run this website. Just click the link of your country and give it a go! NL / DE / AT / ES / IT / PL / SE / UK

Even with the current market correction, I still believe (my opinion!) that it is a good idea to invest in stocks. After all, it gives a possibility for capital growth. If you want to invest in stocks like me, please use the affiliate link above to sign-up for DeGiro. That helps me without costing you a dime!


Mintos has been a place of mixed feelings. Originally, I’ve put in 4,000 euros to test this platform, and I have not been adding any more money towards it.

As a starting entrepreneur I need investments that are liquid. So I have taken out almost all my money I had in Mintos. That money is reallocated to stocks. Although the concept of Mintos appeals to me, I’m not sure if I’ll go back to P2P lending after all of this is over.

Currently almost all my money (shy of 30-something euros) is taken out of Mintos and reinvested into stocks.

If you want to invest in peer to peer lending via Mintos, please sign up using this link. It is completely free to you, and I might receive a small compensation to help me run this website. Win–win!


Grupeer looks like a scam lately. I would not advise to invest any money with them before we know more.

Currently I still have 3,900 euros on their platform. I’m worried I might not be able to take it out. The next few months will be interesting for sure.

Next month I’ll write off the value in Grupeer and everything that comes back will be nice to have.


My crypto portfolio did shit this month, as it lost over 2,400 euros in value.

I’m still working on selling off crypto to let it be less than 5% of my total net worth. It’s currently not profitable for me to sell, so I’ll wait it out a little bit longer. And with these corrections downwards, it’s starting to look like 5% very easily already!

Net Worth Progression

Net worth diving down due to market movements


March 2020 quite a good month blogging with 5,231 visitors generating 11,225 pageviews. I did not write much, but saw a lot of traffic increase through the search engines.

While my overall traffic went down compared to January, my Google traffic went up from 2,747 to 4,370. That’s a lot of people finding me on Google. I hope it isn’t a one time fluke.

The best-read new article in February was the Corona Lockdown.

The three best-read old articles are the same as last month (thank you Google!)

How did your month go?

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