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November 2018 Overview

After my October update that came in way too late, here’s my November 2018 Overview! It’s December already, so here are my numbers from November!


My finances this month were on-point again, after some rocky months. I managed to save 39.3% of my net income this month, which falls slightly short of my goal of 40%. Year to date, my savings rate is still 39.7% and I expect to stay around this number in December. Although December traditionally is an expensive month for me, with the holidays and some birthdays, I also will have some additional income next month from my side hustle and a tiny bonus from work. I also anticipate an one-off expense in December for my company car, so we’ll see what the savings rate will do.

Regarding my investments, I’m still in the red, mainly due to the poor performance of my crypto holdings. Maybe my biggest money mistake was not selling my portfolio in January, but as they say, hindsight is 20/20. You cannot time the market, so I’m sitting this one out. I don’t need the money right now anyway.

My crypto portfolio lost a few thousand this month, while my regular ETF portfolio gained slightly over a hundred euros. Not really helping to offset the crypto losses there…

I’m still considering posting my actual numbers here, both income and expenses as well as investments. Probably I’ll start doing so in January next year, but as I said, I’m still not sure whether to do so. 


In November I published slightly more articles than the usual two per week. In total, I posted 11 articles. The best read article was the thought experiment on what to do when you suddenly got a million euros.

This month is my best month so far on this site, regarding number of visitors! I broke the 1k mark in unique visitors (1.087) and had 3.506 page views. Both visitors and views are increasing rapidly now. Also, it seems that people spend more time on the site, looking at the number of views per visitor that is now 3.23. More view per visitor means to me that I’m putting out interesting content. After all, if the content is rubbish you wouldn’t click a second and third article to read.

nov2018 views


Most of my visitors still come from The Netherlands, which makes sense given my original Dutch blog, but it is nice to see that the percentage of international visitors is growing. In November, around 35% of the visitors came from other countries. The country with the most views was Belgium, but surprisingly (for an EU blog) the USA ranked second.

It is very cool to see the reach of my site expanding. Even though I’m just starting out, and my number of views definitely should rise further, I get super motivated by the world map here. Let’s colour that map completely yellow!



How was your November? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Crypto’s are really painful at the moment. Sales should have been made in January indeed. Oh well, maybe there will be another spike. I’m glad I’m only in for a few hundred euros, but it’s still more then my total dividend income!


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