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October 2018 Overview – Savings Rate and More

This monthly overview is very, very late. I know. I have not been paying attention, and since I was putting out blog articles regularly, I didn’t see that my October update was lacking. Since we’re almost into December, there’s still time. Here’s my October 2018 overview!


In financial terms, I did way better in October than I did in September. My savings rate was extremely low, at a lean 15.7% but that was due to HR messing up my tax withholdings in September. Year to date, my savings rate is now 39.7%. This means that in November and December I have to do slightly better to get to my 2018 goal of 40%.

For next month, I will have a proper pay check again. I expect my November savings rate to be up and above 40% again, even though there are some minor extra costs I’ve had. For December, I anticipate a higher income than usual (since a payment from my side hustle will come in late Dec) but also some one off costs for holidays and such. It will be tight getting to the 40% goal.

My net worth has taken a hit in October, since both my regular investments and my crypto currencies have been seeing lower and lower valuations.


In October I published 10 new blog posts, still on the Monday/Thursday schedule. I had 880 unique visitors and 2.556 views on the site, slightly lower than in September.

I definitely believe in the format I’m using now, with slightly longer form articles. So with time, I hope Google will be able to find me more easily and push readers to my site. As long as I keep publishing interesting content that shouldn’t be too hard right?

Together with another Dutch blogger I’m working on a new form of content creation, so sit tight! We will probably be publishing some news on this collaboration in December!


In my personal life nothing super interesting happened in October. I did start a side hustle, where I provide consultancy to a friend of mine who’s running a small business. It does provide me with some nice side income, and him with some cheap consulting (my freelance rate is lower than the market rate of large consultancies of course). For now it’s only been a couple of hours, so the income is still modest. However, it does help in achieving my savings goals so that’s nice!

Also read my November update, to be found here.

How was your October? Let me know in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “October 2018 Overview – Savings Rate and More”

  1. I feel like your blog will be much more valuable if you can put in the actual numbers. Like I made 2000 EUR this month etc

    • Hi Laketra, I agree with you on this, however I’m still doubting how much personal information I want to share. I am definitely considering posting my actual numbers in the monthly updates though!

  2. Weet je zeker dat je in het Engels wilt blijven bloggen? Ik ben er nu even, omdat ik benieuwd was naar je blog-cijfers deze en vorige maand, in vergelijking met juni/juli, en ik zie dat ze behoorlijk lager zijn.
    Ik volgde zelf ontsladebaas graag maar ben afgehaakt bij firetheboss. Als ik al eens bij CF kijk (wat ik ook bijna nooit doe), zie ik daar in de commentaren vrijwel alleen reacties van Nederlandse bloggers. Waarom dan toch die moeite doen om in het Engels te schrijven? Waarom denk je dat het voor anderstaligen interessant is om je blog te volgen? De situatie is in ieder land heel verschillend. Bij ‘heel veel artikelen van MMM bijvoorbeeld denk ik ook steeds ‘ja maar dat gaat voor ons in Nederland niet op, zo werkt het hier niet’.

    Ik vraag me af of je je doelgroep nog wel helder hebt, en wat het voordeel van het bloggen in het Engels is?
    Neem bijv je vorige artikel, over het Nederlandse pensioenstelsel. Dit schrijf je niet voor de Nederlanders neem ik aan, gezien je helemaal bij de basis van het uitleggen begint (wat AOW is weten de Nederlanders wel). Maar welk anderstalig publiek trek je dan met zo’n artikel? Wat is het doel ervan? Levert het bloggen in het Engels je echt wel iets op?

    Sorry, ik wil niet negatief klinken hoor, en je al helemaal niet aanvallen. Mijn reactie komt voort uit mijn teleurstelling van je keuze om in het Engels te bloggen. Ik las je vroeger graag.

  3. Hi B, I enjoy the way you write, I recommend keeping it this way. I have a note for your friend SVMV. I jut had a quick look to his blog, I don’t know Dutch so I couldn’t understand but his website is extremely slow. So as an IT person I was curious for the reason, I had a quick investigation. The facebook scripts he/she is using for the blog makes it very slow. I would suggest not using them or using some WP Plugins to make it efficient/fast.


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