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October 2019 Overview

It’s November already and we still haven’t turned on the heating yet! Let’s see how far we can stretch this. Oh by the way, here’s my monthly update!


October was a decent month. I managed to save around 44% of my net income, according to my new savings rate formula.

Income and Expenses

My net income this month was 3,609 euros. My regular income was 3,337 and I made 272 euros via the blog.

My total expenses were 1,742 euros, leaving me with 1,595 euros saved and a monthly savings rate of 44.2%. My yearly goal is slightly over 50%, and I really hope I’m going to make it. Year-to-date, my savings rate is now also 46.9% so I have to step up the game!

By the way, my savings this month include a 6-month car tax payment, and a piece of clothing I have returned but didn’t receive the money from yet. So I expect my savings rate to go up a little bit.

Investments and Net Worth

My investments did well this month. Both stocks and crypto were on the rise.


My DeGiro portfolio went up by 788 euros. This is pretty good, when converting to a yearly return it would be 39%. Now of course I won’t see almost 800 euros in return every month…

Use my link to sign up for DEGIRO. It’s at no extra cost to you, and it helps me run this website. Just click the link of your country and give it a go! NL / DE / AT / ES / IT / PL / SE / UK


Mintos was on a steady decline again this month, regarding yield. When I write this, the weighted average yield on my loans is 9.31% which is pretty good, but lower than a few months ago.

This month I also lowered my Mintos portfolio from 4,000 to 3,000 euros. I made 35 euros in interest.

If you want to invest in peer to peer lending via Mintos, please sign up using this link. It is completely free to you, and I might receive a small compensation to help me run this website. Winwin!


On Grupeer, I also want to lower my exposure to about 3,000 euros. I have been switching around the auto-invest setting so that it will only buy loans in the 1-12 year category and not in other categories anymore.

This month, I made 82 euros in interest and referral bonuses on Grupeer. Very happy with this platform!

If you also want to invest in Grupeer, please consider doing so via my affiliate link. I might receive a small fee if you do, which helps me put out great content for you in return.


My crypto portfolio was steady around 13,000 euros and then suddenly went up to 14,000 where it seems to have stabilised.

I still want to swing trade some of the currencies and lower the total outstanding amount. It is way too high as a percentage of my net worth right now.

Net Worth Progression

Running 12 months net worth progression


The blog did fantastic this month! It finally broke the 10,000 page views mark!

10,000 page views!

Google was maybe the biggest reason for this record. I got over 2,000 referrals via search engines compared to about 1,500 last month.

The best-read new article was my article on DeGiro dividend payments. This article is also doing well in Google, so perhaps it can stay in the top articles next month.

The three best-read old articles are: (again no changes here for the third month in a row)

How did your October go?

3 thoughts on “October 2019 Overview”

  1. Keep it up man and congrats for breaking into the 10k club!
    You have deserved it :)

    Cryptos are definitely a two-sided sword, you love them when it’s green and you hate them when it’s red days..

    – Financial Nordic


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