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September 2019 Overview

As I’m typing this, it’s a very early morning in the mid of the United States. I’m on a business trip and the mornings in the hotel are perfect to write blog posts! Today, you’ll read about my September. Let’s go!


Financially speaking, September was a good month. I had some additional spending and my savings rate wasn’t reaching its goal, but overall I think I did well.

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Income and Expenses

My net income this month was 3,180 euros. My regular income was 3,080 and I count the 100 euro Flatex bonus towards my income as well.

My total expenses were 1,978 euros, leaving me with 1,202 euros saved and a monthly savings rate of 37.8%. My yearly goal is slightly over 40%, and I really hope I’m going to make it. Year-to-date, my savings rate is now also 37.8% so I have to step up the game!

Investments and Net Worth

My investments did not do very well this month. With a savings rate of over 1,200 euros I only managed to increase my net worth by 400 euros. Obviously the difference is in the performance of my investments.


My stock portfolio at DeGiro gained only 50 euros, which means it was quite a flat month.

I did increase my stock portfolio significantly, by reallocating the cash portion of my investment portfolio to fully paying off my student loans and the rest went into DeGiro.

My balance is now just under 24,000 euros which is split 90/10 between VWRL and IUSN. You can read how to invest in these two index fund ETFs here.

Use my link to sign up for DEGIRO. It’s at no extra cost to you, and it helps me run this website. Just click the link of your country and give it a go! NL / DE / AT / ES / IT / PL / SE / UK


Mintos has been a place of mixed feelings. Originally, I’ve put in 4,000 euros to test this platform, and I have not been adding any more money towards it.

Currently, the value of my loans in Mintos is 4,138 euros. I earned 42 euro in interest in September, which is 1% of what I put into the platform. This equates to a 12% yearly interest which is awesome.

If you want to invest in peer to peer lending via Mintos, please sign up using this link. It is completely free to you, and I might receive a small compensation to help me run this website. Winwin!


With Grupeer, I maintain the same strategy as with Mintos. I have put in 4,000 euros in total, and for now that’s enough. I will let my investments grow but not add any funds.

My current Grupeer account is worth 4,239 euros. This sounds like I made almost double the interest I made with Mintos but this isn’t true. My affiliate income with Grupeer is deposited right in my account, whereas with Mintos it is paid out to my bank account.

So even though I did make 239 euros, 101 of those are from their affiliate program. My true interest is therefore 138 euros, which is exactly the same as with Mintos.

This month, I made 45 euros in interest, which also comes down to about 12% annualised.

If you also want to invest in Grupeer, please consider doing so via my affiliate link. I might receive a small fee if you do, which helps me put out great content for you in return.


My crypto portfolio did shit this month, and went down from 14,700 euros to 13,000 euros. As is now the norm, my crypto portfolio is bouncing up and down real hard.

I do not really like that, which is why I’m slowly selling off crypto every now and then. Ideally, I want this portfolio to be less that 5% of my total net worth, to prevent the volatility from messing with my net worth too much.

Net Worth Progression

Rolling 12 months net worth progression

As you can see, my net worth climbed up a little bit from last month, although in the graph it looks flat.

With a better savings rate and better investment performances, I expect my net worth to shoot up. However, as always, everything is up to the market. As most of my money is sitting in stocks and crypto, if these assets suddenly decide to crash, so will my net worth.

Not that I will abandon the path if that happens, my investment horizon is long enough.


Regarding blogging, September wasn’t the best month. Actually, it was worse than the previous three months which is not good for a growing blog. However, I think this was due to the holidays where I didn’t write a lot of posts, and people generally spend less time on the internet to read articles.

Blog statistics for September

I had 8,316 views from 3,057 visitors last month.

Google sent me a little bit less traffic than last month. I got 1,518 visitors via search engines compared to 1,742 last month.

The best-read new article was Thoughts on investing and paying off my mortgage.

The three best-read old articles are: (no changes here)

How did your September go?

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  1. Sometimes you have better months, sometimes worse ;)
    You still had good blog numbers even when you had a two weeks of vacation. There are loyal readers in this blog!

    – Financial Nordic


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