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Welcome to Fire The Boss, the European blog about financial independence and personal finance by a young business consultant looking to become financially independent and firing his boss.

I am B, 25 years old (1993 baby!) and during the day I work as a business consultant, helping organisations improve. During the night, I blog about financial independence in Europe.

I live together with Girlfriend (who will also not be mentioned by name) in one of the largest cities in The Netherlands.

In the spring of 2017 I started my first blog,, where I wrote articles in Dutch about my road to financial independence. After a year of blogging, I decided that I like it so much and that I want a larger audience.

Hence, Fire The Boss was born. Here I will blog in English about everything FIRE related in Europe. Also, I hope that more of you personal finance enthusiasts will join me in my road to independence, by writing guest posts about your story in your respective country.

Fire The Boss is part literally about me wanting to fire my boss, part a word play to FIRE, the Financial Independence / Retire Early acronym.

I write about the following topics, but also, I publish a monthly overview every month, about my own finances, blogging life, and personal life.

Financial Independence

My end goal is trying to become financially independent. Financial independence in Europe is all about earning more, spending less, investing the difference. By investing what you save, you grow your money over time. Eventually that will build a perpetual money making machine so that you don’t have to work anymore and can fire the boss.


Investing is the practice of buying income generating or appreciating assets with your hard earned and saved-up money. Examples are buying companies (through shares on the stock market), bonds (loans to companies or governments), and real estate.

My key articles on investing:

Personal Finance

Personal finance is all things financially that happen to a person. Examples are saving, paying down debt, optimising your taxes.


Fire The Boss is a financial blog. I write about saving more, getting better investment returns, and reaching financial independence. However, just a large bank balance will not make you happy. You have to live life to its fullest, so I want to discuss lifestyle as well.

Real Estate

Real estate covers all things that are related to housing, mortgages, and investing in real estate.