Fire the Belly 002


This is part two of my new weekly health related post, Fire the Belly. Every week I will write an update on physical and mental health, sports, and food.

This week was a though one. Every other week I travel abroad to a client, and this was the first week of my new schedule. I switched the travel days around and now I’m leaving Sunday night and returning Wednesday night. That for sure came in the way of some planned sports activities!

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DeGiro ETF Investing – an Ultimate Guide in 6 Steps

Making the most of your money in Europe has never been easier. There are plenty of platforms now you can use to invest with, my favourite one being DeGiro. In this article, I will guide you through DeGiro ETF investing.

Disclaimer: This article may contain affiliate links to DeGiro. If you use my link to signup for their service, I may receive compensation for this. It’s no extra cost to you and it helps me run this site!

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