Comparing to the Average Net Worth in The Netherlands

Comparisons with others are always interesting. I’m very competitive. Usually, I see everything as a game and I want to win. What’s a better metric to track than your net worth against the nation’s average?

Winning in the world of personal finance doesn’t really exist. Most likely I will not become the most wealthy person on the planet, not even the most wealthy in my little country.

But it’s good to compare, to see where you stand. A comparison can be a reality check to see whether you have to step up your game, or you’re doing a great job already.

Average Net Worth in The Netherlands

The average net worth of the Dutch is 163,800 euros (link to CBS data) according to the Nation Bureau of Statistics. This number is pretty skewed by the ultra-rich, the median net worth is only 28,300 euros.

There are 7.7 million households in The Netherlands. Together they possess over 1.2 trillion euros for an average net worth of 163K. Included in this figure are all assets and liabilities, including primary residences and mortgages. This is essentially the same way I calculate my net worth.

With my net worth of about 81K (January 2019) I’m well above the national median but at only half of the average.

If we divide all households into 10 groups ordered from poor to rich, the two poorest groups (poorest 20% of the country) have average household net worths of respectively negative 65,900 and negative 3,900 euros.

The richest 10% of the country own on average a cool 1,052,000 euros. So to become the top-10%, you have to be a millionaire and then some.

Other Metrics

Looking at the country as a whole is one thing. When doing so, I feel quite good knowing that I’m way ahead of the curve as a 26-year-old compared to the national median.

It’s even better when we look at the median net worth by age (link to CBS data). The group of 24 and under is worth a whopping 200 euros per household. In the 25-45 category, it isn’t much better, my age class is worth just 4,600 euros. It’s horrible. Apparantly our old people are rich. The 45-65 group is worth 65k and the 65+ group is worth 113k.

Earlier I wrote an article on how home-owners have a higher net worth. It wasn’t a lie, nor was it bro-science. The actual numbers show the same thing. Renters have, on average, a net worth of just 2,400 euros while home-owners have a median net worth of 138,800 euros.

What Does it Matter?

In the end, it doesn’t really matter where you are in terms of money compared to others. I was just having fun looking at the numbers and comparing them to my personal situation.

You don’t have to become the richest person on the planet to be happy and financially independent. You just have to have enough assets to live of off.

Where are you in terms of average net worth in your country?

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