Fire the Belly 005

This is a very short update, as there is nothing much to say (except that I moved the series to Sunday!)

I didn’t workout as I wanted this week. Really feel like I’ve let myself down.


On Monday I lifted some weights and today I went to Brazilian jiu jitsu open mat practice. Two sessions in a week is pathetic and I feel lazy and fat for it.

Probably only mental (see body stats below) but still, doesn’t feel good. Travel and other work things came in between.

Luckily, the next three weeks I won’t have to travel for work, so there can be more consistency in my training program.

Food and Drinks

My food intake was fine, considering spending three days in another country (which means airports, flights, hotels, restaurants). I consumed a bit more alcohol than I would have at home though. Anyway, the weigh in this week (which I did on Thursday) wasn’t that bad.

Body Stats

I weighed in at 78.7 kg (-0.4 kg) and 18.8% body fat (+0.7%). I assume the slight increase in fat percentage to be part of the normal fluctuations. As long as the trend is slightly downwards I’m happy.

Mental Health

Sleep well.

Meditate every day.

Stress less.

Just some things I didn’t do well last week. I think I averaged around 6.5 hours of sleep per night, which is too low. Although I can certainly function being slightly tired, I don’t want these bags under my eyes to become permanent.

Anyway, the next two weeks at work should become a little bit more relaxed, and the week after I’m off for an entire week. Looking forward to that!

How healthy was your week?