Fire the Belly 008

The 8th Fire the Belly is here already and I’m starting to consider doing them once every two weeks from here on… Last week I’ve been very steady on the mats of justice but not quite on the lifting…


I’ve been training Brazilian jiu jitsu three times this week, going super steady and learning new things every week! Second training this week, coach complimented me on my progress, right before he rolled with me and completely destroyed me.

His fighting style is very tight, very strong, especially considering I’m 15 kg heavier than him! After he choked me out after a couple of minutes, he mentioned when he’s fighting he’s not just breaking your game and resistance, he’s breaking your will to resist and eventually to live. This guy is serious, and boy am I learning a lot from him!

How good BJJ is going, this was the second week I didn’t touch a barbell and I hate it. I wanted to lift, but other things came in the way and ideally, I don’t want to lift right before jiu-jitsu practice. Next week I’m trying to get myself under some heavy weights again, hopefully I can still squat, bench, deadlift some without killing myself.

Food and Drinks

My food and drinks this week were not very consistent. I took a week off of work to do some work at home (painting cabinets, working on my home office) and also to just chill out a bit.

I weighed in at 78.4 kg (+- 0 kg) and 17.0% body fat (- 0.9%). It’s funny to see that I’m losing body fat according to my electronic scale, but I don’t feel I can really see it on my belly. Anyway, that will come.

As some of you might know, I have practised competitive sports at the national level when I was in university, and man I was fit at that time. I can compare photos of my abs from that time, to what it was in December 2018 (my fattest moment at 23% body fat, and yes I have a picture…) to what it is now.

There is some improvement for sure. It’s all about the aggregation of marginal gains here. You don’t see any progress day to day, but when you look back a couple of months, there’s the progress!

How healthy was your week?