I Signed My First Freelance Client!

Starting next week, I will no longer have a job. However, I won’t be unemployed, as I’ll be freelancing. In the beginning I was afraid I would have to start hunting for business next week. In practice, things went a little bit better. 

This is a short post, as I’m very busy. I don’t have much time to write a long article, but wanted to update you guys on what I’m doing.


By telling everyone and their mother that I would be starting my freelancing business, a lot of networking started to happen. It’s always good to know people who know people. And I don’t mean to go to events to throw around business cards. I mean genuinly knowing people, and having them know you.

You reputation is important. What you do matters. People will remind you if you do a great job. That happened to me three weeks ago. 

I received a phone call from another freelancer I have worked with in the past. He knew I was going to start in December, and introduced me to one of his clients. Apparently, they needed more than he could provide (in terms of hours). 

Signing Contracts

After a phone call and a one hour meeting in their office, I signed my first client! It was an easy sell. They asked me about my hourly rate, I told them what it is I ask, and they said OK. 

The same day, the contract was in my mail. After asking for a small change in the contract (about invoicing terms), I signed it. 

I start the second week of December, initially working two days per week for the next 11 months. I’m excited! 

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