FTB On Holiday – Our Big 2019 Trip

When this article gets published through my automated publishing process, I’m about halfway through my 2019 holiday. Girlfriend and I are visiting the United States of America!

The Big Trip

In the past, Girlfriend and I always went on smaller holidays. Our first one was a week to a campsite an hour from our home. The second was a week to one of the Dutch “waddeneilanden”, where we rented a small apartment.

After that one, we’ve been to a Greece island, a Spanish island, again to a Dutch island. And we’ve done some city trips to Rome and Barcelona. We like to travel, that’s for sure.

And now we’re going on our biggest trip ever. The United States! We’re travelling for 13 days to visit Washington DC and New York City. Because we have almost two weeks, we can take things slow and really visit the cities instead of running through them just to cross them off of the bucket list.

Travel Hacking To Spend Less

Since I’ve been travelling a lot for work, I had the opportunity to rack up some KLM Flying Blue miles. Now I know that the KLM program is not the best frequent flyer program in the world, not by a long stretch. But it certainly helps, especially if you can hack your way through the various options the program has to offer.

Not only did I save these miles by flying KLM on nearly all business trips, but I also tried to book all my business hotels through Flying Blue (one time I got 18,000 miles for a few nights!), I also booked rental cars with Flying Blue for an average of 500 miles per rental.

We fly the entire trip (Amsterdam > Washington > New York > Amsterdam) with KLM and its SkyTeam partners, fully paid for with FlyingBlue miles. We only paid just below 400 euros in total for taxes and fees!

This alone saved us about 1,600 euros on flights!

Spending Money On Hotels

We’ve been looking to save money by staying in Airbnbs, but we didn’t find a suitable option. We figured it would be nice to at least have a separate bathroom, even if we share a property with another tenant. But as it turned out, these properties are then as expensive (or more!) as a hotel.

These hotels are not cheap. Especially New York is an expensive city, but hey. We didn’t choose the super expensive hotels, and still, get to sleep in a reasonable area of Manhattan! I’m all about saving money wherever possible, but this is money well-spent I think.

Anyway, for next year we’re discussing going on a less expensive holiday in Europe. Which is also nice!

Blogging Schedule

I’ve written a few blog posts in advance so that I can keep publishing according to my regular blogging schedule. I don’t have enough articles lined up yet. Maybe I’ll write a post or two on a quiet night or an early morning, but I can’t promise anything. If you don’t see a new post coming up, I’m busy enjoying my holiday!

Where is your holiday going to this year? Please let me know!

2 thoughts on “FTB On Holiday – Our Big 2019 Trip”

  1. Yes you have definitely deserved your holiday!

    If you want to have a unique experience between New York and D.C, I suggest you to visit Lancaster. It’s a smallish city in Penssylvania, between NYC and DC. Cheap accomodation. There are lots of Amish people in Lancaster and nearby, it’s so strange to see them riding their horse-wagons in the streets. There are amish tours also.

    – NF