I Like Ladies In Red – Mind vs Heart When Buying a Car

I bought a new car! Well, not really new, that wouldn’t be very FI of me. I bought a used, new-to-me, car! Before, I was driving a company car, but due to fiscal regulations in The Netherlands it proved to be cheaper for me to drive a private car. So I bought one!

Ladies In Red

Isn’t she beautiful? A lovely Italian lady, in bright red. Say hi to my new Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Mind vs Heart When Buying a Car

I have to admit, it took me quite some brainpower to decide to buy this car. After I decided to hand in the company car and buy a private car, I have been looking around. The question was: what model am I going to buy?

There is so much choice! It’s not even funny anymore! I quickly decided that I wanted two things: a diesel engine (fiscally attractive with my mileage) and an automatic transmission (my company car was a manual but I love the automatic).

I have been looking at some very responsible FIRE-y cars, such as the Peugeot 208 with its small 68 horse power diesel engine. Its fuel economy is great, but it just doesn’t drive that well.

Then I’ve looked a little further, both geographically as well as financially. For a little bit more euros, this beauty was for sale. I went to the dealer to make a test drive and I was sold. Full disclaimer: I’ve owned an Alfa Romeo before, so I’m infected with the bug already.

Obviously, the Heart Won

It is clear I think, my heart won this one over my mind. Would the smaller 208 be cheaper? Oh yes. I estimate the purchase price to have been 3,000 euros less than for this one. Also the monthly operational expenses for the 208 would’ve been lower than for the Giulietta. About 200 euros per month, actually.

However, I did the math and the Giulietta fits into the mobility budget I get from my employer perfectly. So while I would’ve earned a bit more buying another car, this one fits and is so much more fun!

For the Nerds…

Yes, I will post the numbers in an upcoming blog post. I have done the math extensively and I will share every last euro with you guys. Stay tuned!

Have you ever bought an Italian car?

6 thoughts on “I Like Ladies In Red – Mind vs Heart When Buying a Car”

  1. I did buy an Italian car, he was my Romeo. ;-)

    He had a sweet taste of oil but I didn’t mind, I loved his muscles and his roar in the morning… ;-)

  2. Not too many men drive red cars, but real a REAL MAN can drive anything and be the boss out there.

    Congrats and enjoy the ride :)

    – NF

  3. Oh wow, I didn’t know it was that bad in NL that it’s now (sometimes) cheaper to get your own car than to own a company car. It’s the exact opposite in BE. I will even get a company car at the end of the year because here it’s still very interesting to get one instead of owning it yourself.
    This just shows how sometimes you can save money by spending money. It reminds me of an old blog post by nomorewaffles.

    Either way, a very good decision. I really like red and so this red car looks very sexy. There is already enough lease grey on the road. This will add some color to these dark BeNeLux roads :)