My Last Day At Work and An Easy Week Ahead

Last Friday was my last day at work! I quit my job, to become a freelance consultant. This is my first week, although it will be an easy one.

Again this update will be short, as I’ll be doing other things. Updating the blog is something I like to do, but with not much time I don’t want to cut corners. That’s why I still want to share with you what’s going on in FTB Head Quarters, without writing my usual type of articles.

Last Week at Work

My last week at work was busy. I’ve spent four days at a client with quite a long commute, so that took a lot of time every day (8-9 hours of work, plus 3 hours of driving).

It was worth it though. Another client is happy, and although they’re not mine but my previous employer’s, it’s good to have references.

The last day of the week was easy. I drove to the office, to chat with colleagues and drink some coffee with people here and there. Then, I cleaned up my laptop and handed it in.

Of course, I attended the Friday happy hour one last time, drank a few beers, said good bye, and walked out. That was a strange feeling, although not as strange as when I quit my first job.

This Week: Easy?

The coming week will be quite easy. When I signed my first client I discussed with them to start in the second week of December, to give me some time to handle a few other things.

I will be preparing some bits and pieces related to starting a business. Most of it is done, but this will give me some time to work on the rest.

Also, my blog and podcast will be part of my business activities, so I can take care of open ends in that area.

Thirdly, I have scheduled two business meetings. One with a guy I know via someone else, just to meet and get to know each other. The second meeting is with another potential client. Were almost done dotting Is and crossing Ts with the contract. I’ll be meeting them to discuss the last bits, sign the contract, and work out when I’ll be starting.

Apart from that, I’ll have some free time to do some physical training and fix some things around the house.

How does your week look like?